iPhone / Android & Smart Devices

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software can help organizations meet the needs and challenges of a mobile workforce through its mobile phone clocking system. Whether it’s an iPhone, Android or Blackberry, Advance Systems have the solution.

The time management system administrator is in full control of which staff are granted access to use these applications remotely. The employee or manager simply enters their personalized information into their smart device and they are connected.

Employee Mode

Employees can have the ability to ‘Clock In’ or ‘Clock Out’, ‘Clock onto Tasks or Projects’ and can also request leave such as vacations. Optional GPS coordinates can also be enabled so that our system can track the location of employees when they ‘Clock In’ or ‘Clock Out’.

Supervisor Mode

Managers and supervisors can log onto the system via their smart devices to carry out a number of functions. These functions include; ‘Clocking a Single Employee In or Out’, ‘Clocking a group of employees In or Out in a single transaction’ and’ Viewing The Live Employee Onsite List’.

Mobile Clocking Applications require an Mitrefinch Employee Self Service License.