html 5 technology

HTML 5 Development

Mitrefinch Time & Attendance Software uses HTML 5 technology, making it an ideal workforce management solution for organizations with a mobile workforce.

HTML 5 technology enables employees, managers, supervisors, and administrators to access the Mitrefinch software from any device with a web browser, including laptop computers, tablet computers such as the iPad, and Smartphone devices.

Using the employee self-service module, workers simply access the system through their mobile devices, where they can clock in and out, request time off, view vacation time and other accruals, and note that they are starting or ending a task. The information is recorded in real-time and can be immediately accessed by employees, supervisors, and human resources.

The cloud-based software makes it easy for supervisors and administrators to track the time of employees at remote locations, employees who are working from home, and employees who are traveling, with minimal effort and time. No more manual tracking using timecards and spreadsheets minimizes administrative hassles and headaches and eradicates expensive errors.

The Mitrefinch Web-based employee self-service module facilitates scheduling, as employees can request time off, note and explain an absence, or ask for a shift swap through the system. The request is sent via email directly to the supervisor, who can then approve or deny it. This improves communication between remote employees and supervisors and also ensures that schedules are smoothly managed regardless of the employee’s location.