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GPS Location Tracking

Mitrefinch Time & Attendance Software has GPS tracking capability, enabling organizations to more accurately and easily track the time and attendance of a mobile workforce.

In order to use GPS tracking, users simply log into the Mitrefinch software with a GPS-enabled device, such as a laptop computer, tablet, or Smartphone. When the user punches in and out, the software records the time as well as the location of the employee. In addition to improving the accuracy of data, the GPS tracking tool also guarantees members of your mobile workforce are exactly where they are supposed to be.

When employees punch in or out using the GPS tracking function, the punch appears on an easy-to-read map provided by Google Maps. The information is downloaded immediately into the database, where supervisors and managers can access it. GPS tracking can also be configured to show an employee’s movement and idle time.

Before the advent of automatic time and attendance systems, organizations had a difficult time tracking the time and attendance of their mobile workforce, resulting in errors, costly overpayments, and hassles and headaches. GPS tracking makes tracking the time and location of a mobile workforce easier than ever, enabling management to focus on more important things, such as meeting organizational goals.