Gain Real-Time Visibility of your Workforce

Gain Real-Time Workforce Visibility

Time & Attendance for Distribution & Logistics

Controlling labor costs and improving workforce productivity are major priorities for distribution and third-party logistics firms. Mitrefinch Time & Attendance is custom-built to meet the needs of your diverse workforce with flexible employee self-service and mobile clocking options. This enables our logistics customers to accurately track employee timekeeping, reduce labor costs and minimize compliance risk, providing better business outcomes

Why Choose Mitrefinch for Logistics?

  • Track your Mobile Workforce

    Monitor real-time employee time & attendance

  • Intelligent Employee Scheduling

    Easily create complex shift schedules based on employee skills

  • Achieve Payroll Accuracy

    Eliminate costly payroll errors and minimize the risk of overpayment

ipad time and attendance
  • Streamline Compliance

    Adhere to complex labor laws and pay premiums

  • Improve Fatigue Management

    Minimize driver fatigue risk by streamlining time & attendance data

  • Reduce Operational Costs

    Automate daily administrative tasks and increase efficiency

Logistics Industry Insights

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