HR Recruitment

HR Recruitment Software

Mitrefinch Human Resources Software facilitates the recruitment process, helping HR find and hire the best employees for the job. The hr recruitment software identifies vacancies immediately, and stores details on open jobs so they can be filled as expediently as possible.

Once vacancies are noted, the system enables human resources to post vacancies on the organization’s website, and to track applicants as they come in.

Details about each applicant can be stored within the module, including information on how well their skills and experience match the vacancy, resumes, letters of recommendation, and interview notes. When human resources staff wants to revisit applicants or compare applicants to one another, they simply log into the recruitment module, click on the applicant’s name, and review details.

The system works with new applicants, but is also able to seamlessly integrate current employees into the application process.

The Mitrefinch recruitment module can be configured to automatically communicate with individuals or with groups, freeing up the time of human resources so they can focus on finding the best candidates. For example, the system can be programmed to send letters to a group of applicants who do not meet job qualifications, or to let job contenders know that another applicant has been hired for the position.

Once the recruitment process for a particular job is over and a candidate has been chosen, the Mitrefinch software automatically changes the status of a candidate to that of employee.