time card

Realtime Reporting

Mitrefinch Human Resources Software provides up-to-the-minute access to workforce data, as well as pro-active alerts that notify human resources when actions are required.

Once workers access the system via computer, Smartphone, or mobile device, they can clock in and out, note and explain absences, ask to swap shifts, and request time off. Mitrefinch time and attendance is immediately noted in the system and stored in the database.

Employees who want to view their sick time, vacation time, and other accruals simply log into the system to view their current profile. Because data that is entered into the system is available immediately, employees always have an up-to-date view of their time and attendance.

To view current time and attendance of a particular employee, supervisors log into the system and click on the employee’s name. Supervisors can look at everything from recent clockings to the amount of vacation time an employee has. The supervisor can also view other data associated with time and attendance, such as how much overtime has been worked, how many shift swaps have been requested, and how often the employee is tardy. Access to immediate data gives supervisors the accurate, current information they need to approve or deny requests for vacation time, monitor overtime, and take action when an employee’s attendance practices don’t adhere to company policy or to federal, state, or local regulations.

To further facilitate the management of time and attendance, the Mitrefinch system can be programmed to send alerts to both employees and managers when time and attendance violates company or compliance policies, results in costs that go over budget, or results in open shifts. The pro-active alert system ensures issues are handled before they have a negative impact on the organization.