Performance Management

Performance Tracking

Mitrefinch Human Resources software allows HR to quickly and effectively monitor performance, helping them make decisions needed to drive desired employee behavior, improve productivity, and meet organizational goals.

Performance tracking capabilities enable human resources to complete and store performance reviews and appraisals in one central location.

The Mitrefinch system alerts the supervisor and the employee when a performance review or appraisal is due. The review can be done directly through the system, streamlining the scheduling process.

Several different types of performance reviews can be stored in the system. When it is time for a review or appraisal, the system provides a customizable scorecard to evaluate the employee’s performance in key areas.

Once the customizable scorecard is filled in by the supervisor, it is automatically printed or emailed to the employee. If the review requires supporting documents, they can be scanned and attached to the review. The performance tracking module also enables the employee to add comments to the review.

If an employee or a supervisor wants to revisit a past or current review, they simply log into the system and click on the employee’s profile, where all appraisals are stored. An employee or supervisor may choose to compare present reviews with past reviews to see performance trends, or may want to review the success of action plans.

Mitrefinch performance review tools give supervisors easy access to an employees strengths, weaknesses, work habits, and key motivators, helping them provide the tools and environment that give that employee the best chances of contributing to the organization’s success.