Employee Details

Employee Details

Mitrefinch Human Resources Software enables human resources to store and manage details and documents pertaining to each individual employee.

An electronic file cabinet is capable of storing all employee files, from letters of recommendations and resumes to performance reviews. The file cabinet can store emailed documents, as well as documents that have been scanned in by human resources. Human resources can access an employee’s file simply by going to the electronic file cabinet and clicking on the employee’s name.

In addition, the employee details and document management system makes it possible to automatically track unlimited employee details, such as date of hire, review dates, certifications and training held, and disciplinary actions taken.

The Mitrefinch system can also create an automatic workflow for a particular group of employees, such as new hires who are onboarding, ensuring a consistent process and relieving human resources of having to constantly track and monitor activity.

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance System can be configured to track important events for each employee and to send notifications to managers and supervisors when employees require particular attention. For example, the system can be programmed to send alerts when employee performance reviews are due, when probationary periods are up, when disciplinary reviews must be scheduled, and when licenses, training, or certification must be updated.

The employee details and document management automatically organizes and oversees details pertaining to the workforce, giving human resources the peace of mind of knowing details and documents are up to date, can be easily accessed, and won’t be overlooked.