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Tailored solutions to all your HR headaches, designed and built around you.

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Store all your employee records securely, so you can easily access, evaluate and report from them

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Monitor progress, training requirements and PTO

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Create at a glance and get real time HR reports quickly

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Safely and securely save, update and analyze your employee records with our HR software solution. Create a centralized location for all of your employee details, contracts, holiday, benefits, training and qualifications. Our system is designed with you in mind to make HR management as simple and efficient as possible. Read more

Using our HR software will let you:

  • Map your employee information and records
  • Reduce your admin time with an automated system
  • Minimize the risk of input error
  • Monitor processes and employee training needs.
With various in-built tools – including automatically calculating leave or sick pay, mapping against the Bradford Factor and document tagging and filtering, this software understands just what makes your HR department tick.

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Empower your teams with integrated Time and Attendance and HR solutions