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Boost Competitive Advantage

Time & Attendance for Financial Services

Financial institutions and insurance providers today face high operational costs and stringent compliance rules. Mitrefinch Time & Attendance provides an integrated central staffing solution for your financial services workforce. We enable you to efficiently plan, schedule and forecast branch, call-center and back office staffing requirements. By optimizing your workforce, you can increase operational efficiency, deliver superior customer service and minimize compliance risk

Why Choose Mitrefinch for Financial Services?

  • Track Employee Productivity

    Increase employee accountability with real-time visibility of your workforce

  • Streamline Compliance

    Adhere to complex and constantly changing labor regulations

  • Simplify Staff Scheduling

    Easily create complex shift schedules by availability or skillset

ipad time and attendance
  • Achieve Payroll Accuracy

    Eliminate costly payroll errors and minimize the risk of overpayment

  • Improve Leave Management

    Automate the entire annual leave accrual and time off process

  • Control Labor Costs

    Gain complete visibility of labor activities across multiple locations

Financial Industry Insights

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