Enter Mitrefinch’s employee self-service module which gives your staff the ability to submit time off requests through an automated system. Integrated with your time tracking solution, everything that is attendance-related is housed into one efficient system.

The process is simple:

  • Employees make note of their leave balances
  • Employees submit a time off request to their manager or designated supervisor via automatic email notification
  • Manager or designated supervisor can deny or approve the request through the same automated system

This straightforward process maximizes your employees’ ability to manage their time. They can easily highlight the requested day(s) in their profile. Managers can instantly see whether approving the request will cause a scheduling conflict.

Automation of Absence and Vacation Management

Scheduling vacation days is an invaluable part of the work/life balance that so many employees enjoy. Being able to use sick days and take occasional absences are equally important. No clarity about available days can frustrate and demotivate your most zealous worker.

Most employees want to plan their time off and appreciate prompt responses. This may conflict with managers who think handling a time off request is a nuisance. When managers do not have a clear view of the department schedule, approving the request is not that simple.

However, it becomes easier with Mitrefinch’s self-service solution. Employees can automatically view the Absence Details screen where they choose the type of absence they wish to take.

Customized absence codes such as FMLA, sick leave or vacation are entered based on employee type. This restricts other employees who are not eligible for certain absences from submitting requests.

Benefits to Simplifying Time-Off Requests

Employee Empowerment

The self-service module delegates time-off management to your employees. They get a full view of accrued time and balances while feeling empowered to manage their time. Managers are relieved from requests for information. Their only role is to approve or deny requests.

Clarity of Calendar

Managers are also liberated from keeping track of individual employee schedules before considering a request. Instead, they can have a single calendar view to optimize the time it takes to approve absences.

This will also help to avoid conflicts when too many employees want the same day off.

Compliance Management

No matter the industry, compliance with labor law mandates are in the back of everyone’s minds when it comes to employee absences. Mitrefinch software includes the ability to set up rules and formulas. Time-off policies, whether internal or external, are connected to scheduling codes.

Automatic Email Alerts

Managers can take action on an employee’s request from email

No delay in denials or approvals – managers or designated supervisors simply act on the request via email. Their response is automatically forwarded to the employee so they know whether their time was approved.

Overlapping request alerts are also included to help smooth out the process.

Allowable Absence Codes for Approval Categories

Employee profiles contain an Allowable Absence Codes list, which is easily configurable into two categories:

  • Automatically Approved
  • Needing Supervisor Approval

Mitrefinch’s time management solution decides which absence fits into either category. If approval is needed, the final authorization is left to the supervisor for approving or denying the request.

When the request is authorized, another amazing feature in this system – the employee work planner – automatically updates to reflect the day(s) off. The employee receives an automated email that her or his request was approved and updated in the work planner.

When the type of absence links to an entitlement code such as a Vacation Balance, the overall remaining balance of vacation time decreases and Already Planned time off increases.

Manage Employee Time-Off with Mitrefinch Solutions

Some would agree that managing employee time off is one of the least organized aspects in the workplace. Yet, it is just as important as scheduling work hours. Using spreadsheets and sticky notes do nothing to improve the game of requests, approvals and time tracking.

What does help is using Mitrefinch’s employee self-service module to centralize this entire process? From time-off policies to time tracking and employee requests, managers are freed and employees are empowered.

Why Mitrefinch Employee Self-Service?

Not only does a system that allows employees to manage their time make it easier for them to do their jobs, but it also allows managers to do their jobs more effectively. Less time is required for a mundane, repetitive task.

Self-service, automated systems free employees to spend time focusing on the strategic projects they need to complete.

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