Get rid of sticky notes clutter and the habit of losing assigned tasks because they are buried in email threads. Employee messaging system allows you and your staff to send and receive relevant messages and information.

Exchange messages with each other onsite and with multiple locations. Those tasks previously lost to emails can be easily assigned via the same system. This is a workforce management solution that keeps your company on task and on target.

As a web-based solution for messaging, managers and department heads can communicate with individual employees, select teams or the entire department. It keeps communication a two-way street – managers can request responses from employees.

Send messages daily, weekly or monthly to:

  • Remind employees about upcoming events such as training courses or open enrollment
  • Request schedule availability or announce open schedules
  • Keep everyone informed about business objectives and goals
  • Notify employees about IT issues and system maintenance schedules
  • Alert employees about fire drills

Use Our Workforce Communication Software to Keep Employees Informed

If employees are constantly contacting their managers about shift changes or scheduling issues, it is time to implement our messaging system. This product includes employee self-service software that will change how employees get information.

Enhance staff awareness while improving communications on information that is important to employees and will keep departments running smoother. Managers can instantly send messages that impact work schedules.

Automatic broadcasts of open shifts, swaps and future schedules will keep employees informed. They can access the information from the messaging system on their own. Changes are communicated instantly to avoid the bombardment of questions.

As a workforce management solution, features and benefits of using this software include:

  • Communicate with employees via text, email or the messaging panel
  • Post advanced work schedules and request availability
  • Auto-generate messages and alerts
  • Project labor hours and expenses per department
  • Send overtime alerts

Keep Communications New and Relevant

If you want employees to respond to information, what they receive must be new and relevant to what is important in their lives. You want a messaging system that makes it easy to keep them informed.

One way to accomplish this is through automated updates so managers are not burdened with remembering every required to keep their department running smoothly. Your workforce can be reached at locations around the world with this employee messaging system.

Solicit Feedback from Employees

Opinions matter when implementing a new policy or action of change. Use this messaging system to get feedback from employees on policies and processes that affect their daily workload.

This way, you and your managers can measure the effectiveness of how well the software helps them. Most employees prefer tools that give them autonomy in performing tasks. Since the communication system serves employees, you can also use the system to poll responses from employees about other departmental and/or company-wide procedures.

If they are honest, most employees will admit they do not always read emails from corporate or their managers. Even well-meaning company newsletters are not the first things employees reach for when they need to know something immediately.

In this case, less is more and keeping employees up-to-date with employee communications tool. You can segment recipients based on messaging relevance. Only those who need to the information see it. This helps lessen the chance of employees hitting “delete.”

If you want to boost employee satisfaction, soliciting their voice in the effectiveness of a new system is a sure way to go. After using the system a few times, ask employees to rank their experiences for better insight.

A good system should help with scheduling, important notifications and be relevant to the group of employees on the receiving end.

A Messaging System that Works in Emergencies

Every workplace environment has different needs, but one thing is constant. An emergency requires a speedy and reliable way to alert the entire staff. This includes employees working at different locations.

This messaging system has the ability to contact everyone efficiently and without delay. Employees are informed on their computers, tablets or smartphones about the crisis and the steps they need to take. Management can tend to the important task of addressing the crisis.

Not all emergencies conveniently occur while you are at your desk. Your duty to keep employees informed about the emergency situation does not change; communicating with numerous adults at once can be a challenge without the right tool.

Effective Communications with Employees

With this communication system’s employee self-service software, staff can read messages from managers. Send messages for:

  • Work schedules
  • Business continuity plans
  • Routine communications

No platform is better than Mitrefinch employee messaging system to keep everyone in the company consistently on the same page.

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