Reimagine the way you share and manage human resources documents

With Mitrefinch’s document management feature, employees and managers have a better way to submit, access and update documents through the employee self-service module.

This relieves the burden of paperwork that has weighed HR down for many years. Cloud-based HR document management enables a more efficient and compliant system for the entire company.

Spend less time completing paperwork and more time on developing strategic HR management programs and other value-added activities.

Manage Human Resources, Not Documents

The purpose of a human resources department is to manage the workforce. With this responsibility comes dozens of files associated with each employee. From recruitment to hire and retire, information about an employee is traditionally passed through written documents.

  • Application
  • Background check
  • Insurance coverage
  • Benefits forms
  • Post-separation forms

Generating and managing this much paperwork requires a lot of time. Mitrefinch’s electronic document system helps you keep all of this information securely housed in one database. Simple and easy access eliminates the need for filing and searching for certain documents at a later date.

Instead of stuffing filing cabinets, our intuitive employee self-service interface leads you to information related to employees at all levels. An automated system ensures:

  • No more missing documents
  • No painful paper-laden audits
  • No transferring physical files between office locations or departments


Employee records are managed securely from the first day of employment. Concerns about hacking make the need to have a safe and secure place for employee data more important than ever.

Everything related to your employees can be handled within one system. New applicant information is promptly processed and routed to the appropriate managers via electronic forms.

Easy onboarding of new employees establishes built-in workflows based on positions to ensure the right people receive pertinent information.

Digital file folders help you maintain compliance with I-9s, medical records and other key HR documents, and manuals.

Enhance productivity for HR and employees with the ease of this software solution.

Employees Can Access Electronic Versions of Company Policies

As the system administrator, you can assign employee access to company policies that are stored electronically. As different files may vary based on information employees may enter, you will never lose track of what is most important.

Employees can add documents to the system as well. Receipts for expense reports, passports and any other pertinent documents related to their employment can be added and categorized for easy retrieval.

Simply scan images of the documents into the system. You can also save the documents in various formats such as Word, Excel and .pdf files.

Using the self-service portal of this document management system, employees no longer have to request access to their employment file. This keeps employees in the loop and gives them pro-active authority to stay abreast of policies and procedures that may affect their work.

Other company-related documents are also readily available. Company newsletters and corporate forms are easily accessible.

Employee Self-Service Offer a Strategic Approach to Workforce Management

A self-service management system can only meet current workforce demands when a thoughtful, strategic approach is implemented. Integrating the features of this system as an information management strategy can help to remove barriers to change.

Many progressive HR departments are thinking and acting on smarter ways to manage. Giving employees access to many parts of their employment is one of the best places to start.

Automating the management of employee documents reduces administrative work as well as eliminates paper employee files. Converging document management with self-service is the ultimate way to accomplish this goal.

If ever in doubt, employees also have access to an interactive help feature where menus assist employees with finding topics. They can navigate the system as it directs them to the information they need.

By searching based on topics or keywords and/or phrases, they can easily understand how the system works and where to go for the information that they need.

Administrative services available to employees through the self-service module include:

  • Benefits services
  • Updates to personal data
  • Communications
  • Salary changes
  • Shift changes

Giving employees permission to view and update such information gives your managers and HR staff more time for other business activities.

The combination of technology and self-service features enables employees to directly interact with their employment data. They can review, inquire and act upon different transactions previously reserved for HR personnel.

As more employee-related information is stored electronically, your company will need a solution such as Advance Systems’ program that is a cost-saving, strategic necessity.

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