Optimize staff scheduling with Employee Availability Management

Employee self-service software compiles every employee’s availability effortlessly

Collect & Analyze Availability to Work

By accessing the Employee Planner feature within the Employee Self-Service (ESS) module, employees enter the days and times in which they are available to work. This information assists managers with creating a work schedule that fulfills departmental needs.

Scheduling conflicts rarely occur when consideration is given to employee preferences. Not only can employees share their preferred work schedules, but they can also update their availability to work additional shifts.

Mitrefinch offers the perfect workforce management solution for anyone who is tired of wrestling with Excel spreadsheet formulas. Schedules are built within the electronic scheduling system weeks or even months in advance.

Empty shifts are filled quickly – managers are not scrambling to make last minute changes. Available and skilled workers are visible so managers can instantly fill open shifts. Employees receive notification the minute a shift opens up.

Make Scheduling Easy with Employee Self-Service Software

Benefits of employee self-service software include:

  • Managers work with accurate availability and schedule coverage updates
  • Conflicts are minimized or completely eliminated in schedule assignments
  • Future availability is self-managed
  • Casual Employees can clarify dates and times they are not able to report to work
  • Daily and weekly availability reports ensure departments are adequately staffed
  • Track employee performance and attendance through real-time reports and data analysis

Empower Your Employees with Self-Service Features

Employees will enjoy the freedom and flexibility of self-service software. This easy-to-use system assigns a unique username and password for employees. They can conveniently log into the system day or night without calling in to find out about shift changes.

Mobile apps go wherever employees are working on any given day. This keeps both employees and managers informed at all times. Employees can also trade shifts with co-workers with management approval.

Schedules automatically update after managers approve a time off request. This program solution gives employees a sense of fair scheduling since managers take their preferences into account when developing department schedules.

You can also use the system to manage casual or part-time employees who can fill in for full-time employees. This helps with managing the effects of an unexpected sickness or excessive absenteeism within departments. Tasks and deadlines never go unmet.

Seamless Automated Scheduling

Combining availability with the automatic scheduling feature of Mitrefinch’s innovative program keeps managers on top of workflows. Rostering employees based on their availability ensures shifts are never unmanned.

Providing their availability preferences empowers employees and increases their productivity and morale. Managers are not encumbered with errors and conflicts in scheduling.

Not only this, but you can also use this software to assign work shifts to skilled employees. Your workers are motivated when they are given tasks for which they are educated and prepared to handle.

Technology such as this will continue to be a driver of self-service features within the workplace.

As more human resources departments find that engaging employees expands across multiple functions – many of which relieves work burdens of managers – Mitrefinch will continue its improvements to an already strategically designed system that is easy to use.

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