optimize workforce operations

Optimize Workforce Operations

Time & Attendance for Energy Companies

Energy companies are faced with many daily workforce challenges. These include maintaining production schedules, keeping up to date with labor laws and regulations and actively retaining qualified workers. Mitrefinch Time & Attendance Software enables oil, gas, mining and utility companies to strategically manage their workforce and maximize labor efficiency. Offering real-time visibility of your workforce and labor activities, energy companies can make better operational decisions to reduce costs, improve productivity and ensure the delivery of seamless service

Why Mitrefinch for Energy Industry?

  • Track Staff Attendance

    Monitor how your operations are performing against productivity goals

  • Simplify Crew Scheduling

    Easily create complex shift schedules by availability or skillset

  • Achieve Payroll Accuracy

    Eliminate costly payroll errors and minimize the risk of overpayment

ipad time and attendance
  • Streamline Compliance

    Adhere to complex and constantly changing labor regulations

  • Flexible Clocking Options

    Enable employees to clock in securely and prevent buddy punching

  • Reduce Labor Costs

    Accurately determine cost of labor by department, team or product line

Energy Industry Insights

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