As an employer, you can probably think of so many reasons why it is a good idea to monitor how your employees use their work time. Payroll automation, work day efficiency and problem solving probably all spring to mind here. But where employee tracking software really shows its true value is in all the reasons you can’t think of!

For example, even employees who are simply surfing YouTube videos on their breaks could expose your company’s infrastructure to spyware, hackers and worse. An employee who downloads unauthorized software or apps or visits “adult” sites could put you at risk of expensive lawsuits or even a total shutdown.

The use of tracking software also wraps into the larger issue of ensuring your company’s sensitive data stays secure.

This is called “endpoint data security,” and it encompasses everything from how your employees use their work hours to how responsibly they manage workplace devices and network access. Securing your company against internal and external threats takes a team, and tracking software is an integral part of that team.

key benefits of employee tracking software that can save your company time AND money!

You no longer waste precious business time on routine paperwork.

Did you know that today’s tracking software can take your organization paperless in a big way? No more cumbersome hard-copy forms, old school file cabinets, interoffice mail delays and hand cramps. Save on overhead by reducing paper and equipment costs and re-routing work hours to more productive, revenue-producing tasks. Most importantly, reduce tasks that used to take hours down to seconds with a click or two of your mouse button.

You can automate your payroll process.

Ah yes, about that syncing….if your company is like most, you are still seeing a lot of room for improvement in your overall payroll process. Probably one of your chief concerns is the sheer amount of time it takes to process payroll!

By syncing with your payroll software, tracking software can take your payroll process and simplify it, shaving away hours of routine processing time for each payroll period. The attendance and time tracking module will provide accurate data on hours worked, overtime, sick pay, vacation pay, employee status and other areas where manual entry errors are common. The result will be speedy, accurate payroll that saves your company time and money every time.

You can red-flag and deal with attendance issues promptly.

As a company owner and manager, it is impossible for you to be everywhere at once. For instance, you may have an idea taking shape in the back of your head that attendance problems are on the rise, but with all the other hats you already have balanced on your head, it just goes on the list to be addressed at some future date when you have extra time.

But now there is no need to put off identifying and solving attendance problems. Your tracking software gives you real-time data on who is in, who is out, who is late, who is a no-show and how often these issues have been recurring to date with each employee. Not only does this automate accurate documentation for each employee’s personnel file, but it makes confronting and solving such issues simple and quick, with an overall boost to productivity as your reward.

Save Time & Money with Tracking Software!

You get all of these benefits and so many more….

  • You can keep track of your in-office, virtual and remote workforce in real time.
  • Your employees, regardless of work location, can submit time-away requests electronically and your managers can quickly review and approve/deny such requests.
  • Time sheet entry/editing becomes simple and paper-free.
  • You can sync each employee’s electronic timesheets effortlessly with payroll and tax accounting software.
  • Your uninterrupted access to real-time employee data makes solving attendance problems simple.
  • Employee time tracking makes it easy to identify under-producers and star employees.
  • Automation of routine tasks (such as timesheet entry and editing and payroll) frees up valuable employee work time for more productive revenue-generating tasks.
Employee Tracking Software

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