Mitrefinch Employee Time Tracking Software

For many employers, installing time clocks is the only way to manage time and attendance. Of course, managing employee time is a critical aspect of any company that wants to be effective. Technological advances, however, removes outdated methods that no longer contribute to this objective.

Keeping track of employees today requires implementing a software program that does more than count hours worked. Time tracking software provides:

  • Improvement to managing time and attendance
  • Mobile technology for remote employees
  • Biometrics time and attendance functionality
  • FMLA management for accurate records
  • Shift alerts and 24/7 access
  • Workforce scheduling for adequate staffing levels

Mitrefinch employee time tracking software seamlessly performs these tasks. Managers soon realize how easy one of the most mundane, yet necessary, business functions has become. The benefits of an efficient, multi-feature system soon outweigh thoughts of affordability. Companies soon realize they cannot afford not to have this program for managing employee time.

Work performance soars to new heights with improved time and attendance management.

Managers gain insight into work performance. Absence management solutions assists managers with determining how attendance issues affect performance. Employees are empowered to manage time-related information such as leave requests and accrued time.

Time tracking software enables efficient planning, recording and evaluation of employee absences. Accurate tracking ensures managing employee time is as easy as a click of the mouse. Employees clock in and clock out. Managers ensure department needs are filled. Adherence to the attendance policy ensures scheduled and emergency absences do not interrupt workflows.

Mobile Technology Keeps Employees on Time

Employers with mobile employees need to get off the clock and embrace mobile technology. Stationary time clocks are not suitable for this type of worker. New software enables employees to record their work hours from any remote location.

All employees need is internet access whenever they telecommute or travel. Mobile time tracking solutions eliminates the need for detailed timesheets. Mitrefinch offers a wide range of tracking options sure to fit dynamic workforces of today.

  • Phone
  • Text
  • Landline
  • PC- based

Employers can choose one or all options to fit on-the-go workforce needs.

How Our Biometric Time and Attendance System Helps

Buddy punching remains a concern for many employers. Our biometric time and attendance option removes that concern. Fingerprint recognition captures the unique identities of each employee.

Time clock scanners are suitable for any work environment. Even workers at a construction site can clock in with confidence. The computer system will match their prints with their identity. Unlike paper punch cards, coworkers cannot forge each other’s time because the attendance tracking software verifies and records time accurately.

Time Attendance Clock System

FMLA Management

FMLA leave continues to have a positive effect on companies. Despite this fact, managing FMLA can be a huge burden. Failing to handle this legal requirement can result in serious, costly problems for employers.

Avoiding proper management of FMLA leave request is not an option. Employers with more than 50 employees must comply with the law. Management software like the system provided through Mitrefinch can help employers with every aspect, from employee eligibility to filling positions temporarily.

This feature is an investment into ensuring noncompliance never becomes an issue. The human resource department will spend less time and energy trying to tackle the regulation. Instead, the software tracker guarantees employers operate from the latest changes.

Set Shift and Other Reminders

Even with employee time tracking software that provides 24/7 access to schedule information, some employees will forget their shift. This is especially true when a department has varying shifts. Mitrefinch answers that problem with the perfect solution: reminder alerts.

Our system sends reminders to employees via email or text message to smartphones to keep them on track. Send multiple alerts and schedule time intervals before the shift begins.

Other alerts can be sent as well. Managers can let their direct reports know when a new schedule posts. Changes to existing schedules, absences and open shifts are more examples of how managers can effectively communicate time and attendance information.

Stop Stressing and Start Scheduling

Scheduling across all departments and varying time intervals is easier than expected. Freedom to communicate throughout the company with one tracking system makes the process easier for everyone.

Managers are no longer wasting valuable time creating manual schedules, printing copies or whatever manual processes required. Mitrefinch’s time tracking software streamlines the scheduling process with basic alerts, full reports and other tools to help managers control schedules.

time tracking reports

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