Mitrefinch provides an efficient way for employees to participate in shift swaps without interrupting workflow. This system gives you innovative workforce management features with employee scheduling power that will:

  • Save time
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve productivity

Its superior design enables multi-user access to a scheduling system that is also deployable onsite or in the cloud. Employees receive available shift notifications and access to swap from anywhere in the world.

Giving employees the freedom to easily and efficiently swap shifts not only ensure adequate coverage, but it also frees managers’ time to work on other projects.

Get ready to take full advantage of an employee scheduling system that scales up with your organization as needs change. This software solution also decreases incidents of absenteeism and increases employee morale since they have more control over their work schedules.

Employees Stay in the Scheduling Loop

The uniquely tailored employee dashboard lets employees view their current schedules and other attendance-related data. Once logged into the Mitrefinch software system, they can make swap requests with other employees.

Depending on your attendance policy, the system can be configured to allow employees to make shift swaps with or without their manager’s approval.

Self-Scheduling Saves Time and Effort

At the manager’s discretion, Mitrefinch allows employees the capability to swap schedules with minimal oversight. This accomplishes two things: employees have some autonomy on shift selections and managers are aware of shift changes while focusing on other tasks.

Turn on the swap feature and employees can exchange shifts without manager intervention.

Parameters are set to ensure shift swaps occur among employees who are qualified and approved to work certain jobs and/or shifts. This way, managers are not worried about excessive overtime or employees working in a capacity for which they cannot perform.

Additionally, managers can receive alerts whenever an employee exceeds his or her overtime limits.

Smart Rostering Software

Mitrefinch has developed a smarter way to schedule with this software program. One look tells managers whether enough people are scheduled for each shift.

Send out schedule alerts so everyone remains on the same page.

Turn on this feature so whether a shift opens up for swapping or a time-off request, employees and managers know about it. The schedule is posted and an alert is sent to everyone within the department.

Schedule changes are sent out automatically to reflect the latest version of a previously posted schedule. This gives employees chance to see if a shift conflicts with time that they will need to take off.

Managers can send the schedules via email or text so no matter where employees are they are always notified of changes.

Additionally, Mitrefinch keeps track of shift swaps made by each employee. If necessary, managers can set limits to the number of swaps each employee is allowed to make during a given period.

Otherwise, excessive shift swapping can disrupt an otherwise organized department, which decreases quality work among staff. Analytical reports reveal how the shift swap policy impacts other areas of workforce management such as production and absenteeism.

Reclaim Your Time

With Mitrefinch software, managers can:

  • Quickly create work schedules
  • Reuse scheduling data for daily, weekly and monthly shifts that never change
  • Take back their time

As the most advanced employee scheduler on the market, this system can rank employees through a variety of ways:

  • Shift preferences
  • Least hours first
  • Maximum hours per day and week
  • Shift bids
  • And so much more!

In just a few short clicks, work schedules are assigned and departments have adequate coverage to get work done. Once the rules are set, Mitrefinch does the rest.

Scheduling On-the-Go

A new, yet not surprising, way ensure every employee and every shift is productive is using the mobile feature. Managers can create notifications when shifts become available. Employees can also access this information even if they are working at a remote worksite.

While employees are empowered to manage the process of swapping their scheduled work shifts, managers still maintain oversight. They can use the system to know who has clocked in and when they leave.

These simple to use swapping tools make it easier for employers to offer flexible work arrangements for employees.

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