Every business with employees needs a system that ensures those employees are available for work. They must also make sure that their staff is doing the work for which they are qualified to do. Otherwise, productivity and profitability suffers.

In response to businesses needing a tool that complements their staffing needs, Mitrefinch has introduced an effective way to schedule employees.

With a Skills Matrix tool, you can not only keep track of employee availability, but you are also aware of their skills and work hour preferences. This will help you and your managers avoid scheduling conflicts.

Filling an open shift or finding a replacement is easy when using this system to set criteria and get a list of qualified employees.

Using a Skills Matrix for Effective Scheduling

Scheduling work shifts involves allocating specific tasks for a certain time period. When departments have projects to complete, managers must ensure employees who can perform these tasks are available to carry their share of the workload. If not, the business suffers.

The skills matrix feature produces an exhaustive list for managers with information such as:

  • Department
  • Team
  • Shift
  • Skill

Employees who receive additional training or certification can update their skills. Managers can also keep track of upcoming training with notifications when an employee is due for updated trainings.

Another useful feature for managers is the search tool to identify employees with specific skills. In a few clicks, managers can assess the skill set of the entire workforce. This is good for strategic planning of current and future talent needs.

Key Benefits and Features to Scheduling Employees by Skillset

Many factors are important when you want an effective scheduling system based on employee skill set. You could put in the effort of contacting employees and asking what tasks they are confident in performing.

Possibly, you could get their employee file and look at a resume that represents the skills they had when you hired them. Or, you can implement a good scheduling by skillset software program.

Mitrefinch has the solution to move your organization into 21st century technology.

Skilled employees cover shifts, departments and teams. Understaffing creates havoc and tasks are not completed. Overstaffing takes away profits because it costs too much. Whether for peak hours or slow seasons, managers can allocate the right employees for each shift.

Assess strengths and weaknesses of employees’ skills. Why spend countless hours poring over rosters and manual spreadsheets trying to create the perfect schedule?

Mitrefinch offers a software scheduling program that gives managers a full view of who on their team has the necessary expertise.

Use current skillset data to plan for future labor requirements. Instead of scrambling for replacements, managers can create a standby list of employees. Absenteeism, whether planned or last minute call offs are covered.

If an employee does not have the necessary skills, managers can conduct workforce planning meetings to ensure needs and priorities align with staffing needs.

Identify training needs to develop skills of current employees. The answer is not always recruiting new talent. For some organizations, it is a matter of investing in current employees to enhance their current skill set.

This system helps HR and managers keep track of training and certifications to ensure all is kept current. Managers can also schedule training days in advance whenever courses and seminars are offered. Knowing who is registered for yearly training makes it easier to allow for their absences.

Immediately and effortlessly identify employees with particular skillsets. Take full advantage of features and tools to optimize your team. It could be a foreign language needed to speak with a segment of customers or certification for operating machinery.

Managers can group employees according to qualifications to make it easier when assigning them to specific teams or tasks.

Ensure skilled coverage for holidays, sick leave and other absences. Unplanned absences are the only last minute scheduling issues managers may face. Even then, using the skills matrix allows managers to identify who is qualified and available to fill in the gap.

A good scheduler like Mitrefinch from Advance Systems not only saves managers time, but it also optimizes use of departments and an entire organization. It guarantees good service levels to keep customers satisfied.

Scheduling by skillsets also keeps employees happy when their skills and expertise are respected and utilized. Your organization will have a positive work environment and see a higher retention rate.

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