Mitrefinch Rostering software helps you create optimal rosters for your staff. More than just a way to schedule shifts, you will appreciate many other benefits such as:

  • Manage vacation leave
  • Maintain adequate shift coverage
  • Eliminate conflicts with scheduling
  • Monitor and control labor costs

This rostering software is packed with powerful features that give instant access to decision-making criteria for making full use of your employee roster.

Staffing requirements, skills, preferences, employee availability and so much more are combined into one software solution.


You no longer feel handicapped with spreadsheets, whiteboards, phone calls and post-it notes to keep up with employee schedules. Instead, Mitrefinch offers an easy-to-use rostering software to overcome the difficult maze of complex staffing issues.

Instantly organize a single or combination of staffing schedules such as:

  • Full-Time
  • Part-Time
  • Hourly
  • Salaried
  • Contract
  • Remote
  • Project-Based

With 24/7 access, it is also easy to view and coordinate employee schedules in real-time. Important details, including time-off requests, are automated to limit the chance of availability conflicts. You can also avoid assigning unwanted overtime.

Continue to meet staffing requirements based on skill level and department need.

Automatic Scheduling Saves Time

Automatic scheduling is another simplified feature of this rostering software. You can easily model work schedules that never change week-to-week. Whether fixed, mixed, rotating or staggered, you save administrative time by creating schedules in a fraction of the time.

The program is compatible with varied work shifts. Predefined work weeks help you assign 8-hour, 10-hour and 12-hour shifts accordingly.

Quickly fill open shifts to ensure your department maintains adequate coverage during business hours. You have a snapshot view of employees who are scheduled to work based on their position and skill. This view also shows which shifts are over or understaffed.

Reduce labor costs and avoid unnecessary overtime.

Mitrefinch software lets you track employee absences and even forecast future dates with time-off requests. You receive an advance warning when a scheduling conflict exists. This helps you minimize the budget impact of overstaffing and high payroll costs.


Having key insights enables you to run a more successful department with proactive decisions about staffing needs. This scheduling software provides better visibility on operational performance with customized reporting.

You always know where you stand regarding payroll, shift coverage, overtime, time off and department budget. With this type of intel, you stay in charge of operational decisions. User-friendly reports also aid in forecasting future staffing needs so you can be prepared.

Highlights of Rostering Software Features

Here are some highlights of Mitrefinch software features that will make your scheduling responsibility easier.

  • Roster templates – this makes future rostering a fast and stress-free process. Save templates in the database so you are not recreating a schedule every week.
  • Labor costing roster- know how much your department is spending on payroll costs as you build the schedule. This gives you time to make adjustments to avoid going over budget. You can also update as the needs of your department changes.
  • Filter and sort rosters according to predetermined criteria – organize schedules based on locations, teams or remote workers so you always know when and where employees are working.

Communicate schedule with employees – rather than spend time sending individual emails, you can post the entire schedule so employees can access it 24/7. Various ways of communicating include reminders, instant shift notifications sent via a text, email or broadcast method.

This eliminates the excuse of not knowing when to report to work. Everyone knows at the same time who is working. Additionally, employees can make shift swaps with coworkers.

A Better Way for People Management

People are the core of business and managing their time correctly ensures their talents are used. Mitrefinch offers an easy way to track all types of employee scheduling data. Whether certifications or performance ratings, you have information to accurately assign employees.

Where staffing shortfalls may exist, you can use profile tools to recruit and onboard new hires. This keeps your department staffed as needed while ensuring you maximize workforce availability.

You can even plan future scheduling needs in advance during the holiday season. Make sure the right mix of talent and skills are available to maximize productivity.

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