Stop Compiling Employee Availability Lists!

Let technology do the work so you can get back to other priority tasks. Mitrefinch’s employee interface module lets your workers enter their availability so work schedules are made in a time-efficient manner.

This innovative system compiles availability for everyone on staff. This makes it much easier to determine who is available. In the meantime, you and your managers have more time for other business-related priorities.

A self-service option gives employees the flexibility to log into the system at their convenience and set the dates and times when they are available to work.

Managers access this information to determine who is available. They develop rosters and schedules to ensure shifts are covered with the right people. If a manager mistakenly schedules an employee for a time slot, the system sends an alert to the manager before the shift is left understaffed.

Take the Guesswork Out of Scheduling

By using scheduling software, you remove the uncertainty that makes filling slots with employees who may not show up for work. Instead, managers schedule around employee availability. It removes the burden and facilitates better communication.

Managers are no inundated with every employee trying to explain when they are not available to work. Scattered conversations and notes are replaced with a centralized scheduling module where employees enter the dates and times that they can work.

  • Employees enter availability
  • Coverage is needed
  • Managers click position and time slot
  • Managers select employee that matches open job

Mitrefinch’s software is programmed to show managers names of employees who meet the constraints and parameters of specific jobs. Just click on the name to see when that employee is available. It can also filter out employees who have reached or exceeded allowed overtime hours.

Scheduling around employee preferences helps to ensure they will come to work as planned. Call outs and understaffed shifts become a thing of the past.

Use Automation for Employee Availability

The employee availability feature includes automation to make sure schedules are made without conflict. An auto-solve feature looks for planned and unplanned absences to automatically assign available employees to open shifts.

One source. One solution. All the information a manager needs to make scheduling decisions is housed in one common area.

This also keeps schedule information accessible to everyone. Employees are not interrupting regular work days to ask about available shifts. They can see for themselves the minute a shift becomes available.

Managers are not waiting for employees to respond with their preferences and availability. Everyone is kept up-to-date whether they are in the office or working remotely.

Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts

One thing that can disrupt a department’s workflow is when employees do not know when they are expected to work. Managers can use this solution to see any scheduling conflicts immediately and make corrections.

  • Overlapping shifts: Employees are not mistakenly scheduled for overlapping shifts because the system will send an alert if this occurs by accident.
  • Overtime: Managers have better control in assigning overtime hours when they see that one employee has already met his or her threshold for overtime pay.
  • Unavailability: Employees feel empowered about the days and times they choose to work within scheduling parameters.

Errors and conflicts are reduced significantly. Satisfaction and engagement increases. Departments run smoothly and the work gets done with skilled employees who are available and willing to work.

Availability Schedule Application is a Helpful Tool

Mitrefinch offers a helpful tool for your business with a variety of features to support your scheduling needs. It takes assigning shifts to another level by giving employees an active part in deciding when they will work.

Keeping these decisions in line with business goals streamlines the way you do business. It also makes work easier for everyone involved.

Managers can devote time to making the business grow. Employees are scheduled for shifts and positions that match the skills they bring to the organization.

Many choices for scheduling work shifts exist on the market. Very few offer the flexibility and ease that comes with Mitrefinch TMS. The Mitrefinch software solution mirrors previous manual steps by taking the entire employee scheduling process into consideration.

Managers are more organized and employees are more aware of their workday because they helped to select it.

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