Mitrefinch employee scheduling software comes with open shift features to ensure hours are easily covered by qualified employees within a variety of industries.

Utilizing this powerful tool, managers post shifts that are open to their employees using the email alert system. Employees can also view open shifts after logging into the system from any computer at any time of the day or night.

Management rules are configured and applied automatically whenever employees attempt to accept a schedule. Using the open shift notification from Mitrefinch helps to reduce understaffed shifts, department labor supply is more balanced so demands are met and employees feel their skills are being used fairly.

Company Benefits to Using Open Shift Notifications

Plugging employees into the scheduling process empowers them to take ownership for choosing when they can work extra time or shifts different from their normal schedules. Just one click of the mouse makes it easy for employees to pick up an open shift once managers post it.

Companies benefit from having a smooth running operation where:

  • Posting open shifts helps to cover planned and unplanned absences
  • Flexible workforce management solutions enhances company culture
  • Company-wide effective staffing solutions

Benefits for Management and Human Resources

Managers and HR also benefit from the use of an open shift notification system in several ways:

  • Schedules can be overseen and managed from anywhere and at any time
  • Communicate important information to employees instantly via text or email
  • Engagement improves and turnover is reduced

Benefits for Employees

For employees, the benefits are:

  • Accessible online schedules anywhere and at anytime
  • Time-off requests are submitted online
  • Managers can send reminder alerts before employee shifts begin
  • View potential shift trades
  • Mobile-friendly features

Enhanced Features of Open Shift Notification Capabilities

Access schedules 24/7

By using Advance Systems, you can share work schedules and open shift notifications to all eligible employees at any time. Everyone receives the same real-time data.

Improve forecasting and monitoring

Daily labor hours are calculated as each shift is assigned based on positions and departments. Customized warnings to notify managers if overtime or noncompliance with federal employment law occurs.

Better communication with employees

Instant notifications about available shifts ensure important information is never forgotten.

Employee satisfaction improves

New hires and seasoned employees can easily adapt to receiving timely information about their work schedules and opportunities to work extra hours.

Shift trade alerts

This is an easier way to get an employee to cover a shift. Online access to schedules eliminates the barrier created by delayed responses. Employees coordinate with each other and contact the manager when the shift change needs to be approved.

More employees want to stay

Retention is a huge issue for companies, especially with the competition always on the lookout to snatch top talent. Investing in a solid system like Advance Systems to rid companies of scheduling issues is worth every cent.

Minimize Administrative Work While Boosting Productivity

The Mitrefinch program from Advance System centralizes scheduling and time off related information. Not only does this help to resolve open shift scheduling, but this also helps to eliminate errors.

Company attendance policies are enforced with the knowledge that all employees have access to the policies online. The system is configured to ensure compliance with both company policies and employment law regulations.

Giving employees self-service access allows managers to focus on other aspects of the business.

Set up this system to send broadcast notifications of open shifts or to individual employees who are skilled and experienced in the position where coverage is needed. Ranking employees based on hours worked and their open shift acceptance history enhances usage of this system.

The entire process is streamlined, from sending shift notification alerts to acceptance. Open shifts are filled on time without the hassle of chasing employees to see who want to cover scheduled hours.

Filtering out employees who have reached or exceeded their overtime limits is another configuring feature that managers find useful. This helps them stay within labor budgets and also keeps your company in compliance with industry, state and federal regulations.

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