Managing Your Workforce

In today’s challenging business environment, organizations are faced with the difficult task of cutting costs while remaining competitive. Staying on top requires real expertise and constant innovation.

Managing shifts

Mitrefinch time management system allows for the easy management of multiple shift patterns, such as flexitime. There is also the added benefit of a special calculations page which caters for more complex working rules. Various shifts can be designated to various days within a roster, i.e. each day within each roster can have a different shift schedule. Learn More.

Roster building

Employees scheduled hours are created using a system of rosters, which allows the users to plan work based on the number of employees available in the various areas. This information can be broken down further in order to analyze workforce availability by employee skills or functions. From a reporting perspective, the Mitrefinch time management system can graph the information and provide percentage production values.

Future Work Planner

The Future Work planner allows for “rule definitions” to be set in the schedule. If these parameters are not met, a warning message can be automatically displayed to the user. Employee scheduled (“rostered”) hours can be compared to a weekly ‘Budget Cost’ or a ‘Budget Hours’ value. If the cost of the roster created is more than the ‘Budget Value’ the system can automatically display the warning messages to the user.


Worried about your workforce costs going over budget? Want to confirm maximum productivity by ensuring each shift has the right mix of skills, training, and capabilities represented? Having a hard time keeping track of your mobile and remote workers? With Mitrefinch Scheduling Software, you can have the peace of mind of knowing you are getting it right the first time.