Are you looking for new software to manage work shifts? If so, look no further than Mitrefinch’s scheduling software. This innovative solution can group employees under various designated shifts with ease.

Not only does this system create and assign schedules, but it also enables employees to request shift changes. Managers can make updates as required.

Shift Changes

After creating various shifts, managers send schedules to employees. If an employee requests a change, managers can choose to make shift changes according to project needs. Employees have a self-service option to:

  • Request a day off
  • Ask for a different shift
  • Swap shifts with coworkers

Being able to manage these functions within a time and attendance solution eliminates manual headaches. Your managers will always have fresh data to make decisions about their department’s labor needs.

Spend less time creating shift schedules

Managers who create shift schedules by using spreadsheets and other manual processes have less time to focus on value-added tasks. Yes, schedules are important so employees know when to come to work. However, schedules should not dominate the day.

Give them an easy-to-use tool that streamlines this function. Mitrefinch’s powerful software for managing shifts can:

  • Analyze data
  • Edit schedules for changes and updates
  • Distribute schedules via an electronic platform
  • Ensure time slots are filled for each shift

Easily assign complex shifts

Your company may require complex work schedules to get the job done. Split shifts and multiple shifts are never too complicated for this time and attendance program. All types of shifts are supported.

Managers develop and distribute schedules with confidence because the system sends alerts whenever there is a scheduling conflict. They can also see the impact of changing a schedule to accommodate a time-off request.

Reduce labor and overtime costs

Overtime can quickly cut into department budgets if managers are not keeping track. This software helps managers track and forecast absences. They can anticipate staffing needs and have someone available to fill those hours without paying overtime.

By helping your managers minimize over-staffing with warnings of schedule shortfalls, they can reduce payroll costs. Employee hours are summed up automatically.

The system delivers detailed labor cost reporting on PTO, shift premium pay, overtime and on-call employees. Managers know instantly whether they are over budget.

Ensure shifts are adequately covered

Your hard-working employees deserve some time off, but you still have production and business goals to meet. If you know how many employees are on staff and the skillset they bring, you can fill slots with the assigned headcount.

Vacancies are also noted because the system can automatically compute where departments may lack skilled workers. The software program displays who is scheduled to work based on their position and skill.

Know when/where employees are working

Not only do you gain insight of who works for the company, but you instantly know where employees are working. Managers can throw out reams of paper to see who is absent, in training or on-call.

If anyone has questions about shift coverage, you can pull up schedules for any time, date or location.

Schedule breaks and tasks for each shift

This software also allows managers to schedule breaks and allocate tasks for every shift. With everything in one place, managers have a better way to keep track of their department’s progress.

Employees know what they need to accomplish each day and managers know if their employees complete assigned duties on time.

In addition, Mitrefinch shift software features save time with its predesigned schedule templates. Whether shift rotations or fixed work weeks for 8, 10, 12 and 24-hour work schedules, this is the perfect system for all shift-based businesses.

Managers can select shift patterns and adapt template schedules to the company’s unique requirements.

Managers can select shift patterns and adapt template schedule to the company’s unique requirements. With this shift management tool, managers stay on top of all aspects of work plans. Duties and tasks can be assigned individually or as a team project.

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