Many business owners and managers think of employee scheduling and rostering as one thing: painful interaction with spreadsheets. That is because they have yet to encounter the ease of using rostering software that offers a more affordable and efficient effortless scheduling system.

Not only does this type of system eliminate managing rosters through a difficult process, but businesses will save time and money.

Enter robust software that includes coverage alerts to

  • Significantly improve the scheduling process
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Increase employee productivity

Mitrefinch’s scheduling software solution can be programmed to send managers coverage alerts whenever a shift or position is understaffed. Any issue with scheduling that disrupts workflow is immediately recognized.

Managers receive timely alerts so they can ensure adequate coverage for project deadlines and other important business activities. Employees are at work to meet the needs of the company and department heads can manage overtime hours.

Ensure Departments Have Adequate Shift Coverage

The number of employees in each department are listed based on:

  • Position
  • Skill
  • Shift preferences

One quick view lets managers know if a shift is under or overstaffed so they can make changes in time. Automation gives managers up-to-the-minute details about employees and department needs so schedules are made to correct alerts concerning potential coverage problems.

Know When and Where Employees are Assigned to Work

Managers are no longer burdened with flipping through endless sheets of paper to see who is in a training class, absent, on vacation, on-call or is hindered by too much overtime. Coverage alerts give managers a clear view of who can fill a position when a shift opens.

Improve Communication

Mitrefinch offers more than just a way to schedule people to do the work; it embodies how to get things done accurately and effectively. Communication between department heads and employees are better when using this system.

Alerts can be sent on both sides: employees send notification to managers if they need a scheduled day off. Managers broadcast the available shift to others on the team and approve an employee’s request to take the open shift.

Using a proven automated electronic timesheet system reduces the risks associated with human error when using manual systems. It is much easier without making the mistake of assigning shifts to unavailable employees or overscheduling.

Improve Visibility

Employees have full view of the work schedules well in advance. Not only are they clear on when they are expected to work, but they can request time off if necessary.

Mitrefinch software also makes it easier for managers to know they are replacing employees with comparably skilled coworkers. You can set parameters to know which employees can be assigned to specific jobs.

There is no second guessing when employee profiles include their skillset and matching job function. Constraints are automatically forced to prevent scheduling an unqualified worker to a position and shift.

Managers can automate their work scheduling process with confidence. Coverage alerts help managers:

  • Automatically check conflicts and display coverage alerts for employees to view
  • See who is scheduled for a nonworking day
  • See conflicts before posting scheduling errors
  • View which employees are scheduled by position on each shift
  • Identify understaffed shifts and make adjustments

Resolving coverage issues is just a few clicks away. Managers simply select the position that needs to be filled and assigns the shift to the available employee.

Benefits to Using Rostering Software

Benefits to using Mitrefinch’s rostering software to resolve coverage alert issues include:

  • Easily create new schedules or update current one
  • Use real-time data on employee availability
  • Record hours worked to track for overtime
  • Calculate correct pay for payroll processing
  • Monitor daily labor costs
  • Prevents and under or overstaffed department
  • Maximizes shift allocation

Mitrefinch’s scheduling software with coverage alerts makes keeping shifts filled easier to maintain. Managers know which employees are on vacation during an assigned work schedule and which ones have unplanned absences that could leave departments in disarray.

Ensuring employees are working is a critical part of running any type of business. The best thing to do is incorporate a system that makes this a seamless process. The result is a balanced workplace.

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