With the most advanced automatic scheduling features in the industry, the Mitrefinch system is capable of scheduling employees in more way than one. Become more efficient by using the following to keep shifts scheduled and employees busy:

  • Availability
  • Qualifications
  • Seniority
  • Shift preferences
  • And more

Simply set work rules for each shift. Next, select the desired shift to assign to the best employee for the tasks. Mitrefinch software does the rest!

Schedule next week in a matter of minutes.

With an automated system for scheduling employees, you have more time to grow your business. On average, you will save eight hours per week on the time it takes for scheduling and attendance issues.

Not only are you working with a terrific system, but you can also increase employee accountability. Instant shift updates can be sent via email or text. Employees never have to ask when they are scheduled to work.

This efficient system reduces no-shows since employees are fully aware of the days and times they are expected.

Automatic Scheduling Software That’s Everything You Won’t Find in an Excel Spreadsheet

Your entire staff can see completed schedules at the same time. They have the opportunity to release shifts and pick extra shifts to send to managers for approval. Unlike an Excel spreadsheet that requires manual input and calculations, Advance Systems makes it easy to:

  • Create schedules
  • Minimize labor costs
  • Make employees happy

Key Benefits and Features of Mitrefinch Automatic Scheduling

Use schedule templates to avoid reinventing the wheel every week. You can create a library of schedule templates to return to whenever needed. These templates also help to prevent overtime with auto scheduling. Other key features to streamline the process include:

  • Lower operating costs and higher productivity
  • Spend less administrative time to create staff schedules
  • Use the Skills Matrix function to match important skills for each shift
  • Reduce costly errors frequently found in manual scheduling systems
  • Notify employees of scheduling anomalies
  • Avoid risking legal compliance
  • Manage shift swaps and changes
  • Create schedules for remote workers and mobile access

Foster Better Communications with Employees

The right employee scheduling software simplifies communications with employees without adding more steps. That just defeats the purpose of having an easier, quicker way to make sure shifts are covered.

Sending employees work schedules one week or one month ahead is one step to streamlining the process. Other steps include communicating schedule changes, sending shift reminders and mobile notifications.

Schedule changes can be sent to everyone in your department at the same time. If someone plans to be absent on a certain day, another employee can request to pick up those hours.

Automatic shift reminders eliminate excuses some employees make when they miss a shift. They know when they are expected to work before the scheduled day.

Mobile notifications send message alerts to employees via text or email. This way, they never miss an update.

Employee Availability Tracking Made Simple

If you continue to juggle requests for changes or days off in your head, or on a Post-it note, something will get lost. Instead, keep availability requests in your automatic scheduling software program. Your business stays compliant when requests are housed in one database.

  • Approve or deny requests after employees submit their preference. With one click, employees are notified through the scheduling system when there is an update to their requests.
  • Set week-to-week availability preferences when building work hours into the system.
  • Keep time-off requests in the system to avoid scheduling an employee on the day off that you approved.

Employees are Empowered to Swap Shifts

Using our automatic scheduling system means you can empower employees with different aspects of their work schedules. You maintain oversight and final approval, but only after they initiate swap requests via the self-service feature.

Employees can initiate the shift swap request from the mobile app or their web page dashboard. Coworkers see the schedule post and can accept it.

No more email chains or last-minute panic. Our shift swapping feature helps you avoid having uncovered shifts. Your employees are also pleased when they can get time off or add more money to their paychecks.

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