Incomparably, Mitrefinch offers the best customized workforce optimization and employee management solution for labor intensive and critical environments.

The Mitrefinch workforce management system assists many of the world’s most prestigious corporations. Managing a complex workforce becomes easier with our expertise on with everyday tasks to:

  • Forecast workloads
  • Create schedules
  • Assign employees to work schedules
  • Make adjustments to workload changes

Mitrefinch is a premier global leader in delivering employee management software to help businesses overcome challenges of keeping employees productive and engaged.

Automatic Scheduling and Forecasting

Mitrefinch’s workforce management system operates according to actual conditions. Managers can adjust and readjust work schedules in response to employee changes. This dynamic adjusting also identifies which employees have shortfalls and any uncovered tasks as they occur.

An optimal tool for monitoring labor performance, this management system ensures each shift covers the right mix of skills. Rates of pay, skills and availability allow managers to generate the most cost-effective schedule.

Employee Self-Service

The employee portal provides self-management tools to enable employees to choose time and attendance information.

  • Work schedules
  • Vacation time
  • Time-off requests
  • Shift changes
  • Payroll data
  • Update personal details

Giving employees more control over their information does two things. First, employees feel empowered to have access to the same information that determines their role in the organization. Second, access to a system that automates manual, time-consuming processes delivers efficiency for everyone.

Productivity and employee satisfaction increases. Leave requests, authorizations and rejections move automatically through the system. Accuracy of an electronic paper trail clears more time. By automating routine administrative tasks. Managers and supervisors can focus on driving the corporation towards greater success.

Gather Time and Attendance Information in One Place

time card This workforce management system collects, processes and manages employee time and attendance information. It also provides comprehensive reports and powerful analyses to assist with making critical decisions about a corporation’s workforce.

The time and attendance module is easily customizable according to the corporation’s specific needs. Medium and large companies with employees onsite or offsite rely on this management system to optimize, plan and schedule workers every day.

Never has a system designed to manage today’s workforce been so easy to use. The navigational dashboard minimizes errors to improve the quality of information retrieved from the system.

Lower Costs

Cloud hosting removes the cost barrier that often delays moving forward with a technological upgrade. Additionally, the Mitrefinch workforce management tool increases workplace efficiency. Organizations realize true savings with lower labor costs and enhanced operating margins.

This software ensures the size, timing and workforce composition matches the level of work that needs to get done. Fewer hands involved with creating and managing work schedules also helps to lower costs.

Corporations also save money by eliminating reporting inaccuracies that affect legal and organizational compliance. Minimized penalties and disputes helps to improve the bottom line. Time and attendance is recorded through various devices including:

  • Internet
  • Cell phone
  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablets
  • Specified terminals throughout facilities

Securely Store Data

The Mitrefinch system stores information as it is processed. Business rules, company attendance policies, work schedules, approved leave requests, employee information, schedule trades, clock in and clock out times and task assignments remain in a secure database.

Entering the information once eliminates costly errors and make the data available throughout the organization – and away from unwanted eyes. Information sharing and integration with external payroll systems are simplified.

Use of the web-based solution also simplifies maintenance requirements. Cost and performance issues become nonexistent. Assigned users access relevant information from a browser. Forecasting and scheduling is also simplified.

This workforce management system is designed to work with many industries. Banks, insurance companies, healthcare facilities and many others where security is a part of the core business function get optimum security without worries of unwanted breaches.

Simple and Easy Employee Management Software

This employee management software simple to use and easy to learn. Modern, clean and intuitive are just a few words to describe the graphical interfaces on each screen. Forgetting how to complete a system task is never a problem as tutorials provide explanations and instructions.

Matching organizational need for a strategic and coherent approach to managing employees more efficiently, this software is the perfect answer for the most valued assets: people who work individually and collectively to meet business goals.

Intelligently designed, this easy-to-use software reduces headaches and hassles of manual and other cumbersome systems. With Mitrefinch workforce management software, corporations improve employees’ lives, increases engagement with higher retention, productivity and profits.

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