Mitrefinch Employee Clock in Software

Installing employee clock in software allows business owners and managers to create a comprehensive system that improves productivity and reduces payroll.

Biometric Technology

With biometric time and attendance technology, Mitrefinch employee clock in software is engineered to reduce the common types of fraud and time-clock abuse that occurs in the workplace. The systems are designed to recognize the unique fingerprints of each employee, and they prevent buddy punching. Because employers can quickly reduce the added costs of paying employees for time that is not spent working, the devices quickly pay for themselves.

Generating Personnel Reports

Analyzing payroll expenses by generating reports is essential in the managerial world, and modern employee clock in software makes the tasks as easy as possible. All the details that are crucial to formatting reports is stored in the system allowing managers to quickly find out the hours worked on a particular task and the profits that are associated with the job. This saves time and makes streamlining an organization incredibly easy.

Tracking Absenteeism and Employee Discipline

Making sure that the right person is always in place to complete any job on a timely basis is the foundation of effective management, and employee clock in software has several innovative features that allow employers to know where their workers are at all times. The systems are fully compatible with smartphones, and managers will receive a text message when an employee does not arrive on time for a shift. With modern technology, managers can create effective workplaces with software that:

  • Stores and manages details for each employee
  • Sends employee details to management
  • Tracks important events

Mitrefinch employee clock in software allows managers to put any shift pattern into their system, they can make sure that ample employees are on hand to finish the largest job or handle the demands of rush-hour traffic. In addition, the programs include a special page that allows for complex rules and quickly performs calculations. Working parameters can create an efficient hierarchy that delegates certain tasks to a whole group of employees. On the other hand, the systems can also assign jobs to single workers and make sure that each person in the organization is held responsible for their contributions. Made with user-friendly features that allow any untrained staff to become familiar with the system in minimal time.

Efficient Planning

With Mitrefinch employee clock in software, managers can create a work plan that is based on employee skill and availability. The systems are also made for instant updates, so employers can fill empty shifts with adequate replacements. Designed with the Future Work planner, definitions can be scheduled, and if the parameters are violated, the user is instantly alerted.

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Deployment Options

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Seamless Integration

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