1. Mitrefinch Employee Attendance Tracking

Employee attendance tracking can be used individually to meet a specific need, or it can be integrated to form a comprehensive part of your business.

2. Importance of Employee Attendance Tracking

Why is attendance tracking so important to a business? In some ways, the answer is obvious, but it’s illuminating to dig a little deeper. Time is potential revenue, and people power is one of the most costly yet important investments that a company makes in order to maximize its potential revenue. When an employee is absent, the effect on the business is not insignificant. There are costs that cannot be recouped. If the employee cannot be replaced for that time then there is lost revenue, and if the employee is substituted for, then that results in additional cost, which is another form of lost revenue.

3. Maximizing Resources

Mitrefinch time and attendance software is a way that a business accounts for its human resources. First and foremost, it’s an opportunity to identify those employees who are not living up to the investment made in them. Secondly, it’s an opportunity to identify those employees who are living up to the investment, which will be an important aspect of future performance reviews. Employee attendance and absence tracking is also effective in a more abstract sense, such as monitoring and comparing departments, evaluating the effect of a particular job on the employees and testing the morale effect of various changes, such as new policies.

time clock mobile app4. Time Tracking Solutions

The most important aspect of any employee attendance tracking solution is the time recording options.

  1. PC Based Clocking: enables users to register on the database and manage their time via the web.
  2. Land-line Clocking: employees use a regular landline phone and a 1-800 reverse billing number to clock in and out.
  3. Mobile Phone Clocking: whether it’s an IPhone, Android or Blackberry, Advance Systems have the solution.
  4. Text Alert Clocking: employees can send a text message with their employee number to a virtual mobile phone number.
  5. Desktop Biometric Reader: desktop readers are ideal for locations where there is insufficient staff to warrant a full clocking terminal.
  6. Employee Time Clock: employees register their arrival and departure times simply by placing their finger on the biometric scanners.
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