Experience Seamless Transition to Electronic Timesheets

Efficient Time Recording = Better Business

Save your company dollars and hours by maintaining accurate time records.

Integrates with other Systems

Link directly to your payroll software to help ensure you accurately bill clients, budget effectively and track profit and loss more clearly.

Streamline Time Tracking Process

By gathering employee data online, records will be synchronized automatically regardless of site location.

Compliance Made Easy

Automate rules to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Reduce Payroll Errors

Overpaying employees’ costs time and money. Underpaying employees causes massive inconvenience. These errors can be eradicated by using Mitrefinch Online Employee Timesheets.

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Make the Timesheet System Work for You

Nobody likes doing unnecessary admin work. Whether it’s your employees manually recording hours worked or your accounts department pouring over spreadsheets to calculate pay, Mitrefinch Online Employee Timesheets makes it all easier.

There are many benefits to tracking employee time digitally.

  • You can get granular detail to help scheduling tasks and jobs
  • The systems are flexible, customizable, easily changed and updated
  • Capacity and productivity levels are made highly visible allowing management to make informed decisions on hiring and layoffs
  • Time theft through acts like ‘buddy punching’ are eliminated
  • With data being recorded, stored and retrieved from the cloud, the likelihood of errors during collation, calculation and transfers is significantly reduced.

Electronic timesheets

Error Free Task Scheduling

Choose automatic scheduling or customize based on tasks. Great for remote worker communications.

Scalable Employee Tracking

Accommodates planning to ensure adequate staffing in any given job or period.

Easy Payroll Calculation

Reduce the time spent calculating payroll and the likelihood of errors and corrections.

Ideal for Project Management

Estimate the cost and time required for projects. Assess actual cost as compared with estimates.

Analytical Data for Forecasting

Create performance reports using analytical data to identify high performers and possible bottlenecks.

User Friendly Interface

Implementation and training is fast allowing seamless integration into the employee workday.

Custom Built, Easy to Implement, Timesheets For You


My company has been with Mitrefinch for 4 years. The system is easy to use and is custom built for us – when we have a question or need a report developed the process is fast and simple

katie sens

Katie Sens

Director of Human Resources, Chemprene Manufacturing

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Streamline the entire process of tracking employee time.

Switching from a manual to an automated timesheet system is worth the investment.