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Time & Attendance for Construction

Keeping track of hours worked, vacation time, and overtime is a significant challenge when managing a remote construction workforce. In addition, construction firms are tasked with ensuring that all workers have adequate training, skills testing, and certification. Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software provides real-time employee time tracking, simplified staff scheduling and a centralized employee data system. This enables our construction customers to improve employee accountability, cut operational costs and increase productivity

Why Choose Mitrefinch for Construction?

  • Track Staff Attendance

    Gain real-time visibility of when and where your employees clock in and out

  • Achieve Payroll Accuracy

    Eliminate costly payroll errors and minimize the risk of overpayment

  • Simplify Staff Scheduling

    Create cost-effective crew schedules across multiple locations

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  • Streamline Compliance

    Ensure adherence to complex pay premium and union rules

  • Employee Skills Allocation

    Assign the right employee with the right skills on each required shift

  • Biometric Clocking Options

    Enable employees to clock in securely and prevent buddy punching

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