Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software is hosted in the Cloud, requiring no additional technology, hardware or licenses. There is no additional equipment to learn about, set up and maintain.

Advance Systems provides one of the most easily deployed workforce management solutions available.

Organizations simply give Advance Systems their specifications, and the Mitrefinch workforce management system is designed and deployed remotely. Because there is no installation required, the system is typically set up and ready to use in a matter of days.

The system is very intuitive and easy to learn, meaning that employees and managers require minimal training to feel confident using the system. Experts at Advance Systems are available at all phases, from installation on, to answer questions about how to use the system, and to help organizations maximize the system’s use.

There are additional ways that the easy deployment of the Mitrefinch software has a positive impact on your organization. Because installation is handled by Advance Systems, the IT team doesn’t need to spend precious resources on setting up the system. Instead, they can leave the details to Advance Systems and focus their time and budgets in more important areas.

The quick and easy deployment helps organizations enjoy a faster return on investment. Most organizations report an ROI in as little as a couple of months.