Biometrics employs authentication techniques from reliable physical characteristics of individuals. Coupled with employee time management, this technology gives employers a secure method for building access.

Terminals that read an employee’s unique fingerprint ensures employees are not clocking in and out for one another. Additionally, biometrics based time and attendance systems helps to keep people who are not supposed to enter secured areas out.

Multi Spectral Time and Attendance Terminal

Biometric technology unites with easy-to-use employee time and attendance software. Introducing the T&A Multi Spectral as the first generation of fingerprint recognition to identify employees as they enter buildings and assigned areas.

The Terminal offers employee-friendly functions such as flex-time balances and viewing previous work hours. With the capability to communicate with all clockings, employers have a central database to cover the entire organization via Ethernet connection. An internal memory keeps the terminal functioning if there is a lost connection.

Web services allow global configuration while running from a centralized location. All clocking data is housed in one management system for simplified remote and multi-site control. Managers can access employee data to run reports, schedule shifts, and track comings and goings.

The Biometric terminal expands the former Mitrefinch T&A Terminal system for easier installation and maintenance. Along with new functions, the new biometric fingerprint time attendance system maintains the ranger of reader compatibility that fits an existing or new system.

Key terminal features compatible with Linux and DOS include:

  • Employee messages
  • Real-time flex balance
  • Cloud compatibility for web download
  • Improved employee download for web services
  • Zones
  • Door and barrier controls
  • Simulated verification
  • Graphics display
  • Online status indication
  • Barcode, magstripe and proximity reader support
  • Biometric reader support
  • Audible feedback
  • Visual feedback
  • Dynamic IP address assignment

This first generation biometric time and attendance clock comes with a state-of-the-art fingerprint scanner. Company exposure to costly buddy punching theft disappears. Also, this system eliminates the need to keep up with assigned keys, badges and cards.

Employees just place their finger on the scanner to clock in and out. With 99% accuracy, the fingerprint scan is instantly converted into the system to indicate which areas and locations are assigned to that particular employee. Access in granted with a complete match to preassigned locations.

The converted scan is stored into the database. Employee finger scans get authenticated with each entrance. Unique to this first generation terminal is compatibility with major payroll providers such as QuickBooks, PeopleSoft, Paychex and Oracle.

This powerful system offers flexible payroll management, reporting and exporting. With the latest in fingerprint scanning intelligence, MF960 T&A Multi Spectral Time and Attendance Terminal delivers reliable and undisputable tracking.

Biometric Time and Attendance Benefits Many Industries

Biometric fingerprint time attendance systems are a solid move for organizations, particularly those dealing with classified client data. The financial sector collects personal information from clients, whether banking, personal assets or investments.

In the health care industry, keeping medical records secure is covered by laws. For either industry, using a fingerprint scanner for attendance might be the perfect choice. It helps to keep employees efficient, accountable and working efficiently. Employees arrive on time and nonemployees are discouraged from entering secured work areas.

MF960 T&A Multi Spectral Time and Attendance Terminal benefits industries with:

  • Avoidance of early clock in, late clock in and buddy punching
  • Better security for office buildings
  • Easy-to-use fingerprint scanner
  • Fast and reliable
  • Flexible
  • Integrates with third-party payroll providers
  • Records accurate detail of data
  • Saves organizations money
  • User-friendly

Biometric T&A at a Glance:

Multi Spectral Time and Attendance Terminal is the optimal choice to eliminate the costly action of buddy punching. Organizations have an efficient payroll processing system that goes beyond hours worked and hours paid.

Its compatibility with major payroll providers helps organizations with reporting processes and timely tax filings. This scalable system is user-friendly and ready to expand as organizations add more employees.

Unlimited pay categories and a desktop biometric reader ensures all bases are covered to accurately and efficiently track employee time.

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