Manage PTO Policy For Your Company

Paid time-off is a necessity in any serious business environment. Managing this time-off with Mitrefinch’s paid time-off tracking software will help businesses to better manage their employees. There are a number of advantages PTO tracking software will bring to the table; paid time-off codes, annual leave tracking, and database exporting/importing, allow businesses to ensure time-off is handled properly. Tracking of this data manually has long been a frustration of the busy owner or his employees. Using software will help manage the complicated and often problematic task of tracking time-off. This is essential to be sure employees’ individual needs are met, as well as the needs of the business itself.

Custom Employee Accruals

Vacation pay, sick leave, and more are all accrued automatically in Mitrefinch’s PTO tracking software. Options are available for both ‘Days’ and ‘Hours’, and accruals can be calculated either way. The most commonly used accrual will be ‘vacation pay’, but other options are included, such as ‘sick-leave’. The software will track a running total of employee accruals on its own, and even track scheduled days off, taken days off, and tally the total unallocated days off based on these numbers. PTO tracking software is a powerful tool to keep all businesses’ paid time-off accruement on track.

Annual Leave

Annual leave can be custom managed within PTO tracking software to provide a fit for every business. Multiple time-off tiers for employees with more/less time with the company, year-to-date accrual tracking, percentages of time-off based on hours worked – there are many options within PTO tracking software to tailor a solution for every businesses’ PTO needs. Criteria can be as specific or as general as needed.


Every business has different needs, and customized vacation accruals will help to fit into any businesses’ paid time-off vacation plan. There are as many paid leave policies as there are businesses’, for example:

Full-Time Employees – One standard day for each vacation day accrued (Variable “day-lengths” available; this can be set to 7 hours, 8 hours, etc.)

Part-Time Employees – Accrue one standard day based on average hours worked in the past four weeks, but only if that employee has worked more than 40 hours in a four-week period.

These are just examples. There are many customization options within PTO tracking software, and whatever system your business uses to accrue vacation days will find its needs met by PTO tracking software.

Paid Time-Off Codes

Paid time-off tracking software offers flexibility in personal employee absence tracking as well as PTO codes to match any personal absence tracking requirements. Many time codes are offered, with the actual set up depending on each individual business. Easily track and enter time codes for a variety of time codes, including doctor allowed sickness, floating time-off, bereavement leave, vacation days, and more. These categories can then be analyzed and further tracked to comprise real-time monitoring on where your employees are using their time-off, making it easy to watch for absence trends around certain dates, time-off percentages, and multiple other data assessment applications.

When vacation time is taken, the appropriate days will be subtracted from their total vacation time accruals. This same process can be applied to the anomaly and infringement reports, in order to allow a manager or supervisor to swap an unauthorized vacation day for an authorized accrued vacation day, at which point the unauthorized absence rate would be automatically adjusted to reflect the new totals. All actions have an immediate effect on the built-in employee paid time-off planner and personal absence tracking profiles.

Unlimited Codes

The flexibility of paid time-off tracking software allows for an infinite number of absence codes. These codes correspond to a unique type of absence that can be added or changed at will. There are a number of default codes already within the software, like ‘Parental leave,’ ‘Uncertified sick-leave,’ ‘Doctor certified sick-leave,’ ‘holiday,’ and ‘Vacation,’ as well as many others.

Exporting and importing PTO Data

Running a standard database format, the software’s tracking system is accessible through a wide variety of database protocols. Crystal reports, Microsoft Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle Systems, and any database format that accepts Open Database Connectivity-compliant (ODC compliant) database types will be able to open and make use of tracking software’s data. This open access flexibility ensures your employees’ time-off data can be managed in many different applications, where it will be queryable and can fully integrate into those systems. Data can also be exported into a CSV or ASCii file in a variety of custom formatted text-based options in order to be usable within databases that are not Open Database Connectivity-compliant. These exported text files can be just a snapshot of a particular piece of the database (Vacation hours, for example) or the entire database itself.

PTO Payroll Sync

Mitrefinch’s Paid time-off tracking software has built-in integration with a variety of payroll software systems. To help simplify the payroll process, exported data can be easily loaded into payroll management software and then used to calculate paid time-off. This is one of paid leave tracking software’s biggest advantages, taking the man-hour intensive job of tracking and paying out employees’ paid time-off. It will also remove the human element from most of the equation, the software does not make mistakes when adding or subtracting, it can’t forget a date that has been previously tracked, and it won’t lose its saved reports. The accuracy of business payroll information is assured when using paid time-off tracking software.

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PTO Requests & Approvals

Employee Requests

Mitrefinch PTO gives employees a straight forward dashboard for staying connected to vital career details. It’s easy to ask for leave, report sick days, check PTO histories, vacation requests and remaining days off from one convenient location.

Supervisor Approvals

Mitrefinch PTO eases the management aspects of paid time off. HR staff receive automatic email notifications of PTO requests and one-click links to approve or deny. They can even view absence histories on an individual or team basis.

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