PTO Management in One Complete Package

Mitrefinch’s Paid Time Off Software incorporates a number of employee management systems into one easy to use package. Combining leave tracking, attendance policy management, and employee statistical overviews into one comprehensive software package will help businesses to maximize efficiency and reduce mistakes. Paid Time Off Software is a required component in every workplace.

Easily Track Paid Time-Off for Your Employees

Managing paid time-off in a business environment can quickly become a complex and time-consuming endeavor. As the number of employees grows, this complexity grows exponentially as time-off accruals and attendance tracking needs to increase. Tracking this information manually not only consumes resources and time better spent elsewhere, it allows for human errors to be made in the calculations required to stay up-to-date on employees’ accrued time or in the entry of the data itself. Paid Time Off Software removes the need for work-intensive manual tracking and eliminates the chance for errors to be made in their calculations. The software itself has extensive utility when it comes to customizing the way this tracking takes place; accruals can be adjusted, time-off codes can be assigned and nearly every setting can be tuned to fit any businesses’ PTO tracking needs. Paid Time Off Software will help every busy work environment to alleviate these burdens and streamline the process through which PTO is recorded and tallied.

Customizable Absence Tracking

Track and manage employee absences and attendance with fully customizable absence tracking and employee absence profiles. Paid Time Off Software’s versatility allows for custom absence codes to be assigned to any type of absence; default absence codes include family leave, medical leave, unexcused absences and more, with unlimited flexibility and code options to tailor to individual businesses needs. Employee PTO accruals are tracked automatically based on criteria that can be set to meet the requirements of any environment. Limits can be set on the maximum amount of PTO allowed so that when a limit is reached a manager is immediately notified with an alert. Individual absence profiles can be generated and checked by employees or managers. Employees can request and schedule days off which are then sent to a manager automatically for approval. These absences are then deducted from that employees’ PTO days once they have been taken. Employees can also view their total accrued PTO days and see an overview of their absence history; easily accessible viewing of available personal days, sick days and other PTO leave will help employees manage their own PTO leave without needing to consult a manager. This information is all stored, calculated and automatically presented, so as to be readily available for employees and managers alike.

Easy Integration into Human Resources and Accounting Software

Paid Time Off Software can be easily exported and imported into many existing management systems. Information can be imported into payroll software to ensure proper payroll tracking for PTO days taken and correct payouts for those days. Paid Time Off Software data itself can be exported into many forms, including SQL database formats and text, for easy integration into a variety of database software used to track and manage employee records. The accuracy of computer recorded removes the human element from payroll PTO leave tracking, an essential step in saving both work-intensive man-hours and saving business payroll dollars on mistakes made in the totaling process. An average of 1.25 days PTO is given to employees each year by businesses. Multiply this by ten, a hundred or a thousand workers and the total quickly becomes a serious problem for any business; mitigate these mistakes with Paid Time Off Software.

Manage FMLA PTO Days and Ensure Compliance With FMLA Laws

The rules for required FMLA leave are constantly changing; keeping up-to-date on these ever-evolving laws can be almost impossible when done manually. Paid Time Off Software updates itself to comply with these rules automatically. Many companies find it is easier to simply give employees more days off than required to guarantee compliance with these rules. Paid Time Off Software eliminates the chance of this happening, with caps on FMLA leave applied instantly to days taken off against an employees’ total. Non-compliance with FMLA laws can be a costly mistake for any business to make; ensuring these laws are adhered to will save money and time in every business environment. Individual employees’ information is entered into the system and automatically checked for FMLA eligibility. Leave taken for this reason can then be deducted from that employees’ FMLA total with little human input needed; tracking this information is all done by the software itself. This reduces the risk of a costly company-wide lawsuit and eliminates the chance of individual managers being held accountable for mistakes.

Easily Implement and Enforce Attendance Policies

Attendance policies are a vital component of a stable work environment. With PTO tracking software, attendance policies can be set and monitored through the software itself. Employees can request and note planned or unplanned absences directly through the system, and managers can view these in real-time through the system. Custom alerts can be implemented to notify employees when they are approaching attendance caps and managers are given warning when these caps are reached. Specific employee attendance trends can be easily viewed with the software, improving overall attendance and employee compliance with attendance standards. No longer will administrators be forced to compare manually recorded attendance records with the policies set in place; this information is tracked and watched by the software, once again removing the human element from the equation and guaranteeing adherence to company policies. Giving employees themselves access to this information will help individuals to maintain a high standard of attendance on their own without the need for managerial interference. Employees not meeting these standards can be viewed within the software with the ease of a few clicks, thus making attendance policy enforcement a simple task for the busy manager. Ensuring employees follow attendance policy can be a tangled web of numbers and guidelines; using software to aid in this task will help raise awareness of said policies and keep company attendance running smoothly and accurately.

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PTO Requests & Approvals

Employee Dashboard

Mitrefinch PTO makes it simple for employees to track important office information. They can request leave or vacation time, report days taken off for illness, check their history of paid time off, and remaining available days off through the easy to use dashboard.

Supervisor Approval

Mitrefinch PTO makes management of paid time off simple. Email notifications are automatically sent to Human Resources when PTO is requested with embedded one click approval or denial links. Absence statistics can also be generated and tracked by team or by individual.

What does PTO stand for?

PTO is sometimes used by companies to combine and replace the separate categories of sick days and vacation days and stands for Paid Time Off.
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Benefits of PTO

PTO benefits are more flexible than traditional plan because it uses one non-specific form of days off that accounts for all possibilities.
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Holiday Pay

Mitrefinch PTO does follow the standards of the FLSA. Employee privileges are granted on federally recognized holidays.
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