Drive your business forward with a Leave Management System

Leave Management Software enables management and employees to track and monitor an unlimited number of leave types directly through the system.

Function At Optimal Levels Despite Missing Staff

Maintain workforce efficiency and productivity. Optimize staff scheduling during absences.

Manage Your Company’s Workforce With Ease

Keep track of all scheduled employee time off and keep business operations running smoothly.

Save Time and Cost Searching For Leave Records

Eliminate time consuming document searches and cut overtime bills with a centralized database.

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Suitable for 100 to 10,000+ Employees

What You Can Expect From a Leave Management Software

The leave management system offers so much more than just leave management applications.

A fully integrated cloud based workforce platform, designed to incorporate many existing business applications for managing leave. Your business will benefit from increased productivity and greater profitability.

Discover how customizable applications will benefit and simplify your unique business operations?

leave management

Managing Employee Leave

Organized and fool proof method of maintaining control. Automated system which eliminates human error. Opportunity for forward planning via overview of work landscape.

Employee Requests

Employees can enjoy the freedom to request time off with transparency. Employees can manage and monitor time off requests via a user-friendly interface.

Management Approvals

Enjoy greater efficiency in HR department via automated email notifications for leave requests.  Simple submission and approval process with automatic updating.

Unlimited Time-Off Codes

Preset default codes for various categories of paid time off. Flexibility to create unlimited customizable time off codes. Facilitates easy monitoring and tracking of absences.

Easy Payroll Integration

Easy integration with payroll and other systems. Provides applications beyond monitoring employee absence and tracking paid leave. Ensure accuracy for paid time off and eliminate payment errors.

Employee Satisfaction

Reduce employees wait times for leave request. Provides employees with clear information to manage their requests smartly. Reduces stress and increases employee satisfaction.

Custom Built Leave Management Software For You

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My company has been with Mitrefinch for 4 years. The system is easy to use and is custom built for us – when we have a question or need a report developed the process is fast and simple

katie sens

Katie Sens

Director of Human Resources, Chemprene Manufacturing

The system accepts, codes and tracks categories such as vacation, personal days, sick days, short- and long-term disability, and FSLA or FMLA leave in one easy location.

Each employee has an absence profile page, which they can access to determine how much leave they have available. Leave is requested directly through the system, where it is approved or denied by management. As soon as leave is approved, it is entered into the system, giving both employees and management up-to-date visibility on leave. No more spreadsheets means less work for human resources and management, and fewer errors.

Mitrefinch automated Leave Management Software also ensures that leave associated with FLSA, FMLA, and short- and long-term disability adheres to company, federal, state, local, and industry regulations, mitigating the risk for costly fines and penalties. Because rules are always changing, automatic updates to the system ensure that organizations are adhering to the most current rules. In addition, when it comes to leave associated with FLSA, FMLA, and short- and long-term disability, organizations that don’t fully understand the complicated rules are more likely to err on the side of caution, granting leave in situations that don’t require it, or allowing more leave than necessary.

Mitrefinch leave and absence management software give organization the peace of mind of knowing they are meeting compliance, but also helps them save money by reducing the amount of unnecessary leave granted.

Simplify all Leave Management Processes

Reduce the costly workload that tracking leave manually incurs on the HR and Payroll departments