Absence Tracking is becoming an integral part of daily tasks for managers and supervisors when employees take excessive and unexcused absences, the work becomes delayed, projects get behind, and clients become unhappy with the services. In order for your company to be successful, you need your employees to show up for work in time.

But if managers are spending all their time accounting for absent employees, they won’t have time to adjust to the changes and needs of their job and projects. There are a number of reasons someone might be missing work and while some may be approved, others may compromise the way the company runs. To make things easier for managers and supervisors, there is Mitrefinch’s advanced Absence tracking Software.

Absence Tracking Software – Trends and Stats

When software is used to manage and track absences, managers do not need to worry about keeping the records themselves. Instead, everything is done through the software.

Mitrefinch Absence Tracking Software allows users to log in to the software and see an accurate representation of who was at work and who was not. When managers log into the system, they are able to see who clocked in for work that day, who did not, and who had an excused absence for that day that was previously discussed and approved.

Viewing the trends and stats of each of their employees, they can also easily and quickly see if they are running into any problems with a specific employee. This information can help managers decide if a conversation needs to be had.

Types of Employee Absences

An employee may be missing work for a number of different reasons, included sick leave, vacation, or personal leave. Each represents a different focus and will need to be accounted for differently. Software to track absences allows you to use different codes to represent the various kinds of absences an employee may have.

In many organizations, each employee will be given a number of days off throughout the year. Whether these are vacation days, paid-time-off, or unpaid-time-off, it will reflect the way the rest of the company runs. If managers know in advance that someone is going to be missing for a certain number of days or even weeks, they can fill their shift or account for other individuals to pick up the slack.

When Mitrefinch Absence Tracking Software is used to account for this information, the manager or supervisor can log in to the system and see what approved absences are upcoming. Before Absence Tracking System, when these tracking forms were kept in notes, emails, or other unorganized programs, it would be easy to forget when someone would be out.

employee absence profileAbsence Tracking Alerts and Monitoring

With Mitrefinch Absence Tracking Software program in place, it is also easy to set alarm systems and warnings if a certain employee begins to overstep their given absences. This gives the manager or supervisor even more freedom to focus on their own work without needing to dedicate hours of their day looking for who is missing from work.

If a manager finds they are having trouble with a certain employee and their attendance record, they can simply set up an alert to let them know when the employee has not shown up for work. This allows the manager or supervisor to know that there is a problem without needing to check the employee sheet each and every day.

Furthermore, trends can be monitored easily through analyzing categories in percentages. This will help the manager or supervisor see how their employees are missing work, if they are mostly approved absences or if people are intentionally avoiding their shifts.

Looking to the Future of Attendance Management

In addition to helping managers see who is missing work and why a tracking system can also help them consider how to avoid more absences in the future. With the data and information gathered from the tracking system, managers can consider if the systems they have in place are working or if they need to be readjusted.

Absence Management System for Employees

The managers and supervisors aren’t the only people who can benefit from using software that manages absences. With Mitrefinch software in place, employees know that their absences are being counted and they will need to be held responsible for them. They will know that their absence will be detected and they will be held accountable for missing work.

With Absence Tracking Software, each employee will be given their own unique profile. Within this profile, an employee can quickly and easily view how many vacation days they have taken, how many they have left, and if their absences are becoming a problem. Managing this software from the employee side can also remove any issues if they are incorrectly marked as absent for that day or if they need to reschedule a day off.

Team Attendance Tracking

Teams are a huge part of organizations and meeting the demands of a job, but when a team is not meeting the demands of their project, it could be the fault of excessive absences.

With a tracking system, employees can be grouped into the teams that they work in. To view the details of each team member’s attendance record, a manager, supervisor, or team leader can simply select to view that team. If they believe that the team is failing because someone isn’t showing up to work, they will be able to see which team member is slacking.

Absence Scheduling

With Mitrefinch Absence Management software in place, users can more efficiently plan for the time they want to take off. When multiple members of the same team take days off at the same time, it can cause productivity problems and mean there are not enough people on that project to keep it on track.

Using software allows users to login and see if someone has already taken that day off. This allows managers to keep a record of who has requested off and if they should prohibit another member from taking off on certain days. Keeping a better system of who is planned to be gone allows managers and supervisors to move around workers to accommodate for missing individuals.

If you want your company to move forward and get out of a rut of being unproductive and missing deadlines, you need to hold your employees accountable for showing up to work. Implementing a system with absence tracking software can show your employees that you are serious about ensuring they show up for their shifts and complete their work.

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