Absence Exceptions

All clockings derived from the employee logging are merged in the database, where they can be compared to what was planned. If they match, then the hours for that day are calculated.

If the clockings fall outside the set parameters they are ‘flagged’ so that further action can be taken.

Should an employee work outside their expected hours, the Mitrefinch absence management system will generate an anomaly report for correction by the authorized user(s). The software will highlight any transactions that are regarded as anomalous for action i.e., for daily corrections. Front-line managers or supervisors could be given the facility to deal with their own departmental anomalies, for example changing an absence code from unauthorized to vacation.

The anomalies report can be produced at any time and it is suggested where possible that the authorizing officers complete this on a daily basis. The Master User(s) can check the monthly period report before doing the month-end balances.

In the event of a supervisor being unable to check work record requests and anomalies for an employee, it is possible to ‘escalate’ these outstanding requests to another available manager or supervisor. For example, if a supervisor is off sick, the unchecked requests and anomalies for their department will be escalated to their own supervisor and so on. This means that unchecked requests and anomalies are dealt with and don’t build up unnecessarily over time.