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You want to make your business run smoothly. As experts in time management, we’ve spent decades building intelligent technologies which will mold to your business, making your life easier every day. Whatever your problem – whether it’s managing time and attendance, handling compliance regulations or keeping up to date with HR changes – we can help with cloud, hybrid or on-premise solutions built to suit you. We know our customers and we pride ourselves on building products that intelligently and intuitively resolve all of their issues. As a globally trusted software solution for start-up to scale-up businesses, we’ve got extensive experience in helping companies and organizations maximize their productivity by freeing up time otherwise spent on handling lengthy yet essential tasks. Our expert team will work side-by-side with you to guide you through our solutions and teach you how to use them most effectively. And, with a world-class implementation process, you’ll never be without HR solutions again.


Time and Attendance

Track and manage employee hours in real-time and improve payroll accuracy

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HR Management

Gain greater workforce insights with centralized employee data

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Absence Management

Eliminate manual absence tracking and ensure your business stays compliant

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Mobile Workforce

Enable your mobile workforce to clock in and out anywhere seamlessly

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Employee Self-Service

Empower your employees to manage their attendance history and leave

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Workforce Scheduling

Create complex shift schedules easily by pay rates, availability or skillset

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No matter what type of business you operate, what size you are or what budget you have, we can craft a solution to fit you. You might prefer a cloud-based solution or want everything on-premise – or something in between. Whatever you need, we can deliver, around the clock.


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We’ll implement our solution in whichever way suits you best, working as an extension of your team

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You want world class hardware and that’s exactly what we provide – leading hardware that reflects the quality of your business

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Empower your teams with integrated Time and Attendance and HR solutions
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