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Advantages of On-Premise Time and Attendance Systems

Published: August 28, 2017

With the growing trend of the cloud-based time and attendance system, many organizations are now switching their internal or on-premises time and attendance system with cloud-based systems.

Whether an organization should adopt a cloud-based time and attendance system or an on-premises one, depends on many factors, such as the organizational environment and how an organization plans to use their time and attendance system and their specific needs.

The right time and attendance software helps in transforming the business and its operations. Therefore, organizations following trends of the cloud-based system first need to understand their specific requirements as there are still some aspects of on-premises systems that outshine a cloud-based system.

Let us have a look at some of these benefits of on-premises time and attendance systems.

Control over all system/data

An internally established time and attendance software provides an organization with complete control over the system, unlike cloud-based time and attendance software, which gives very little control to it. Similarly, with on-premises time and attendance system, you will get control over all the data and can use it as per your organizational needs.

The data is handled internally and by your internal IT department that has the expertise to facilitate the system as per the organization’s environment, making required upgradations and adjustments as per the organization’s working patterns.

Internal issue resolution

Having an on-premises time and attendance system gives you the ease to resolve the various and frequent IT related issues, internally, by using the expertise of your IT department. The department has all the access and back up support for data and can easily prevent any sort of data loss.

The organization gets complete control over issue resolution, maintenance of windows, security and patches that need to be applied etc. Moreover, you don’t need to outsource expertise to get the solution to issues halting business operations.

Flexibility and customization

The organizations with on-premises time and attendance systems can be flexible in adjusting these systems internally, and without halting, or taking the needed time in making these internal adjustments to their time and attendance system.

These internal time and attendance system are also easily customizable and provide a lot of options to employees to adjust their working hours, overtime, leaves etc manually and more conveniently. It offers the employees as well as the organization deeper customization options and as per the management’s discretion.

East tracking of employees

The cloud-based time and attendance system is famous for providing easy access to employees to mark their status. However, this can also lead to some time and attendance frauds. Using an internal time and attendance system prevents such fraud and makes it necessary, for all the employees, to be present within the organization, at the scheduled time and mark their attendance on their own.

Moreover, this helps the employees in maintaining their schedule as required and avoiding the case of the log in/out while being off the premises and without informing their respective managers.

Where many organizations are following the trend of hosted time and attendance software, there are several business setups, which prefer and are still adopting an on-premises time and attendance system, due to its many benefits – in addition to those discussed above.

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