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5 Benefits of an Automated Time and Attendance System

Published: October 1, 2016

Of all the human resource management operations, tasks and activities that are performed on a regular basis in an organization, time and attendance recording is considered as the most tedious and exasperating tasks. This is because many organizations still opt for a manual mechanism of time and attendance entry and record keeping. With the new FLSA changes coming into effect Dec 1st 2016, this is definitely the time to consider an automated system.

Considering the limited scope of the human capability of handling multiple operations simultaneously, this not only requires a full-fledged team to ensure the timely and accurate recording of time checks and attendance logs, but there exists a high chance of erroneous and misleading data and information entries that might turn out to be a setback with regards to the organizational interest.

Hence, it is essential for organizations to automate their system of time and attendance recording to ensure the accuracy and efficacy of recordings. This not only eases down a variety of tasks at the management’s end, but also brings about the following essential benefits for the organization.

1. Improve Productivity and Efficiency in Operations
The Time and Attendance Software eliminates the risk of erroneous or compromised data entries and keeps a fair and real-time record of time checks, work hours and productivity. This helps ensure a smooth flow of operations and keeps a track of each employee’s performance and efficiency. This eventually fosters a competitive environment within the organization.

2. Reduction in Costs and Expenditures
The Time and Attendance Software helps reduce redundant expenditures and slam dunk business costs by automating a number of tasks and thus, reduces the need for manual time and attendance keeping personnel. It also indicates productivity against each investment and highlights the areas that fail to generate the expected return on investments.

3. Efficient Planning and Shift Management
An organization with a huge and extensive employee base, especially in the industrial and production sector, there is an essential need for effective, smart and efficient shift management. This is essential to keep the cycle of production in constant spin and to meet the business production targets on time.

4. Better Payroll Mechanisms
The automated Time and Attendance system keeps track of the working hours, productivity and records the extra hours and overtimes against each employee’s individual record. This automates the system of payroll generation and removes the chances of any error or discrepancy that might occur during the manual calculation of wages, bonuses and overtime compensations.

5. Legal Compliance
An automated Time and Attendance System keeps your organizational operations and procedures on the right track and in line with the FLSA rules and overtime regulations. It not only monitors and detects any potential rule violation just in time, but also helps you manage and modify your policies accordingly to avoid facing a litigation or lawsuit. With new FLSA rules coming into effect, an automated Time & Attendance system can ease the time tracking headaches before they start.

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