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3 Reasons You Need An Employee Scheduling System

Published: August 11, 2016

With new FSLA changes happening, staying compliant and accurate with your employee time tracking is more important than ever.  Wal-Mart just launched a new scheduling system that will eventually be rolled out to all 4,600 U.S. locations.  Wal-Mart said the new software will better predict staffing needs during peak hours, as well as where and when to deploy workers.  There are a variety of reasons why proper scheduling systems are beneficial to organizations.  Let’s look at the main reasons.

Error Reduction

Manual scheduling spreadsheets have the lowest level of accuracy which could lead to lost time, productivity, and missed shifts. Scheduling software allows you to automate your set schedules and see mistakes before they go live. Last minute requests and changes are easily tracked with software which leads to less calculation mistakes. By having all employee data in one central place, a scheduling solution can reduce time and effort for locating the correct information needed for scheduling.

Visibility & Accountability

A scheduling software system can optimize schedules based on availability and skill sets.  Accountability can also be improved by integrating employee self-service into the process.  Allowing employees to log into a secure web portal to view their schedules and update personal information empowers them and keeps them informed.  Various security levels can be set up within the software to ensure that managers will need to authorize shift changes and employees won’t be able to switch amongst themselves without following the chain of command.

Maintain Compliance

Producing schedules that address business and employee needs, as well as maintaining compliance with all scheduling regulations may be extremely time consuming by hand. Scheduling software allows you to simplify the process by setting up alerts whenever there may be a rule violation or staff shortage about to happen. A scheduling system that that is linked to all your employee data allows you to easily schedule and assign employees with specific skills to each shift because you have that knowledge readily available within the system.

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