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Top US Workforce Management Trends for the Upcoming Year

Published: January 5, 2017

With 2016 over and organizations worldwide are heavily focused on achieving their 2017 targets in terms of production, sales and the magnitude of revenue and returns, working overtime, putting more efforts, striving to break the previous benchmarks and setting new milestones are the areas of prime concerns for most organizations at this time of the year.

Now that the election festivities are over and businesses are resuming operations, it is about time that the organizations reflect back on this year’s happenings not just in terms of profits and returns, but also in terms of the efficacy of their strategies and policies.

While the management is busy coping up with the influx of work and managing a host of tasks, teams, and roles, it is high time that the planning and decision-making tier of the organizational management evaluates their prevalent workforce management designs and review it for its efficacy and returns and how far it has been able to meet the workforce management goals. Here, we are going to share an insight into the trends that will rule the workforce management domain in 2017.

Millennials Meet Generation Y and Z – Farewell Baby Boomers!

Since Baby Boomers have already made it past the age of retirement, 2017 will be one of those final years that will mark an end of the era of baby boomers serving in senior level positions in various organizations in different industries. Millennials are serving at the mid-level, Generation Y is well into their career path, and the first batch of Generation Z has made it to entry level positions.

This diversity will surely cast an impact on the overall organizational culture, especially with the younger generation demanding flexibility, unique perks, and an improved and tech-driven operational design.

Remote Working and Flexibility will Rule!

The influx of technology will make it feasible for the organizations to offer remote working and work hour flexibility through cloud-based work platforms. Keeping up with the increasing employee demands, the organizations will continue to introduce flexibility in job roles and work designs and will empower the employees with a certain degree of authority to plan their work and do it as per their convenience.

Workplace Diversity will be Redefined!

Organizations will seek to create more specialized job roles and temporary positions for special and short-term tasks. Aside from the categorization of exempt and non-exempt employees, the organizations will seek the services of freelance professionals in short-term positions.

This will re-define the concept of diversity and will establish an organizational setting that is unique and diverse, one which will operate from multiple remote areas. However, it will eventually be a real challenge for the organizational management and will create an ever-growing need for better and improved systems and mechanisms.

Periodic Reviews will Take Over the Annual Performance Reviews!

The growing competition and incessant achievements will compel the organizations to conduct multiple performance reviews throughout the year. While these periodic reviews will bring more recognitions and rewards to the employees, it will provide a realistic and real-time insight about the status and analysis of performance, making it feasible for organizations to set realistic goals.

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