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How to Gain Better Insight on Labor Costs

Published: October 5, 2017

Large organizations use effective software to manage their labor cost and to keep productivity at par. Being the most significant expenditure for companies, labor is a sensitive and important aspect for the management to control and monitor effectively.

However, the major part of an organization’s success depends on managing labor cost and constantly keeping an eye on its betterment. For this, the decision makers must have a clear cut and even better insight of this labor cost.

One of the benefits of gaining proper insight on labor cost is to avoid possible fraud and other contingencies that will only add up to the cost, especially if not dealt with in a timely manner.

Here, we share some proven suggestions to gain better insight on labor cost.

Empower managers

Authority comes with responsibility. Empower managers in your organization and make them accountable to manage labor cost. Set goals through benchmarking and provide standard metrics that should be reviewed by managers in a timely manner. One way to effectively pass down this accountability is to ensure that managers take the responsibility of their labor teams whereas general managers are held accountable for managing overall labor.

This is will help in ensuring that labor cost is being managed at all levels effectively and kept under control. This will also help in gaining insight on labor cost specific to areas which may remain overlooked or out of sight by the upper management.

Monitor and eliminate overtime

This is another proven way to gain better insight of labor cost. For this, an organization has to keep ensure easy and timely access to all the business performance processes. Only then can management draw a clearer picture of ‘labor cost and time’ to avoid overtime accrual.

Also, the best way to accomplish that is to use effective software such as the one offered by Mitrefinch to get timely insight of labor cost through various reports. These reports will assist in representing the labor trend in a period of time. And if the trend is more or less than expected, go down to check on the individual or department with the possible discrepancy. This approach is the easiest route to better insight of labor cost and the easiest tool to improve business performance.

Audit and review

The most obvious ways to gain better insight of labor cost is the performance of an internal audit by the management. With Mitrefinch software, you cannot only run these audits conveniently but can perform a lot more actions than would have been possible previously.

These lines of actions can be applied from the individual workforce to even the departmental level. These audits and reviews help the management in taking proactive measures and in adjusting the labor effectively to attain the expected productivity.

The above shared proven practices provide a different approach to gain labor cost insight within an organizational setting. This will also facilitate in ensuring a compliant and productive culture in the organization. While you can set smart KPIs for employees, it will also promote the statistics based rewards for the employees and better decision making in the company – keeping labor cost under control.

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