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What You Should be Tracking with a Timekeeping System

Published: March 31, 2017

The performance, success, and growth of your business organization primarily depend on how your employees make use of their working hours on a regular basis. If you are meeting your daily goals for performance and productivity and bringing about a consistent increase in the regular production, it means that your workforce is performing their respective jobs to their utmost potential and is making an optimum use of their work hours. However, if you are lagging behind in the daily production goals and are having a tough time meeting the deadlines, this is an indication of a serious flaw in your time, work, and employee management patterns.

Time is a crucial factor that influences and determines the success or failure of a business. Efficient time management is an essential responsibility on a manager’s part to ensure that the day’ goals for work and performance are achieved within the specified work hour bracket. For this, the organizations need to have a seamless, accurate and efficient timekeeping system.

An automated timekeeping system not only eliminates guesswork and errors from manual time recording, it also maintains a fair, accurate and real-time record of the time and attendance entries of your employees and workforce. Here’s how an automated timekeeping system can help you with various tracking procedures.

Time Tracking

A timekeeping system automates the process of the time recording at the workplace. It maintains a fair and accurate record of the regular time in and time out entries of the employees. This record provides you an insight about the number of hours an employee spends at the workplace. Aside from that, this insight will also help you identify any time theft or time fraud happening in your organization.

Performance Tracking

A timekeeping system provides you a real-time insight into the number of active working hours (aside from the regular breaks) that an employee spends at the workplace. This insight makes it convenient for you to set daily work goals for each employee. By binding all work and tasks in a loop of time, you can conveniently track the performance of your employees and optimize your productivity.

Payroll Tracking

Time, regular work hours and overtimes make an essential component of the regular payroll calculation. By incorporating an automated timekeeping system in your management designs, you can conveniently track the regular as well as overtime hours, of each employee and make the subsequent addition or alteration in the regular monthly payrolls.

Leaves and Absences

An automated timekeeping system does not merely perform the time recording function on a regular basis; it also generates daily alerts about the employees who have not timed in for the day. This way, it makes it convenient to track the strength if employees present at the workplace as well as those who are absent or on leave. The real-time alerts related to the time and attendance of your workforce enables you to manage substitutes and ensure that no work or task is left unattended, even in the case of absence of an employee.

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