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Most Memorable Employee Excuses For Being Late

Published: June 24, 2016

We have all been there.  Late for one reason or another.  Most of the time it is for a legitimate reason but sometimes the truth is twisted.  Career Builder conducted a survey within the US and included almost 6,000 managers and employees to come up with some of the more memorable excuses.

Here are the top ten.

10. Employees cat got stuck in the toilet.

9. Employee was late to work because he fell asleep in the car when he got to work .

8. Employee accidentally put superglue in her eye instead of contact lens solution, and had to go to the emergency room.

7. Employee woke up on the front lawn of a house two blocks away from his home.

6. Employee said a hole in the roof caused rain to fall on the alarm clock and it didn’t go off.

5. Employee forgot that the company had changed locations.

4. Employee got a hairbrush stuck in her hair.

3. Employee was watching something on TV and really wanted to see the end

2. Employee couldn’t eat breakfast – he ran out of milk for cereal and had to buy some before getting ready for work.

1. Employee claimed a zebra was running down the highway and held up traffic (turned out to be true).

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