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How To Deal With FMLA Tracking

Published: March 3, 2016

With so many compliance risks when tracking FMLA, an automated absence tracking system helps organizations minimize the risk with the ability to to draw FMLA leave concurrently with vacation and other personal leaves.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons. The problem for HR is that this applies only to covered employees that meet certain criteria as well as eligible employees that work for covered employers. Leads to lots of confusion with tracking employee entitlements. Making sure everything adheres to compliance regulations becomes quite the headache!

The best source for all the regulations on the Wage and Labor Division (WLD) is found HERE.

The next best step is to implement a Time and Attendance System that can configure, regulate, and alert you of any potential FMLA issues happening within your organization.

By implementing the software, you free up your organization to deal with the bottom line, instead of the admin.

Key Benefits:

Manage regulatory compliance – Adhere to FMLA laws as well as all state, federal, and industry compliance policies, thereby eliminating the risk of legal troubles and court cases or fines.

Easy, convenient reporting – Get workable reports on everything you monitor at a time and frequency you prefer. Use automatic scheduling for email integration of reports. Use insights from the report to improve workforce decisions.

Easy, convenient HR and payroll integration – Export data and information pertaining to number of hours worked directly to HR and payroll, thereby eliminating risks related to errors and data double entry.

For more information on how Mitrefinch can help regulate your Time and attendance and FMLA requirements, click here!

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