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Avoiding Conflicts and Compliance Issues through Time and Attendance System

Published: November 8, 2016

The difference in opinions, situational disputes, and conflict of interest often arise at the workplace. It might occur among a group of employees, between an employee and the manager or the organization. Whoever the stakeholders maybe, a conflict, be it a small issue or a major chaos, only creates an unpleasant rift and a stressful environment within the organization and casts an adverse impact on the organization’s overall performance and productivity.

Conflicts at the workplace might arise due to a perceived threat to one’s personal interest, or it might be based on an employee’s response to a situation based on his own perceptions. This indicates that conflicts are the by-products of false perceptions and misunderstandings. Therefore, it is essential for managers and organizations to keep their facts straight and accurate to avoid conflicts and chaos that might accumulate and turn into a lawsuit issue.

Here are some smart strategies for organizations to incorporate into their standard operating procedures to block all loops for a potential conflict and resolve the minor issues and disputes just in time before they turn into a disaster.

Keep a Strict Check and Control on Operations and Procedures

It is essential for managers to keep track of how different tasks are being performed, who is responsible for each individual task, and to evaluate the outcomes of each process or procedure. This makes it convenient to find and fix any error or loop that might be lurking within the working mechanism and thus, ensures a smooth, hassle-free, and undisputed flow of tasks and operations.

Maintain an Accurate Information Log through Automated Systems

A majority of conflicts at the workplace arise due to inaccurate data or erroneous information that occurs mainly due to manual record keeping. Therefore, it is a compulsion upon organizations to automate their record-keeping functions. This not only keeps an accurate, instant, and updated account of information related to employees and their regular performance, but also maintains a statistical record for each task and operation. Furthermore, it eliminates the chance of a subjective interpretation or false perception and thus, reduces conflicts at the workplace.

Foster a Culture of Collaboration and Team Work

An organization that encourages teamwork and emphasizes on communication and collaboration between employees has a lesser probability of facing a conflict, or a compliance issue. This is because the collaborative organizational culture ties the employees, managers, and the entire organization into a circuited network, and makes it convenient for everyone to contact, collaborate, and communicate with the other employees, teams, or operational domains regarding their tasks and procedures.

The free flow of facts and information minimizes the chance for any misjudgment or false assumption to take over, terminate, or alter the course of regular operations and procedures.

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