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How to Make Life Easier For Mobile Workers

Published: December 11, 2017

How to Make Life Easier For Mobile Workers?

As per the forecast of IDC, the number of mobile workers all across the United States is likely to exceed 100 million by the end of the year 2020. This means that almost 72% of the entire workforce of the United States will comprise of mobile workers.

More organizations are now relying on the mobile workforce as they offer numerous benefits for a business such as:

  • The possibility to get better work done
  • Establishing more trust within employees
  • Improving work-life balance

But then there are also some challenges that come with having a mobile workforce such as:

  • Less effective supervision
  • Longer working hours
  • Difficulty in performance management

However, with the increasing percentage of mobile workers, it is becoming more important for companies to consistently focus on ensuring better performance, benefits administration, and payroll services to provide day-to-day managerial support.

Meeting these supervising needs of a huge mobile workforce and ensuring business performance was a significant challenge for many multinational organizations until they resort to advance software tools which madeboth employers’ and mobile workers’ life much easier!

Mobile Workforce and Benefits of Incorporating Advanced Software Tool

Many companies who have successfully incorporated some advance time management software such as the one offered by Mitrefinch for mobile workforce operations have reported significant ease and saving and have therefore, also recommended it to others. Precisely, the use of such software significantly reduced administrative times, improved control of payroll and proved to be the ultimate solution for many challenges of time management. All of these problems were not only being faced prior but impacted employees monitoring or supervision and employees schedule or shift adherence.

Time Management Software and Mobile Workforce

When you incorporate an advanced time and management software, you help mobile workers in easy and accurate reporting of their work schedules and shifts, from any other location, without the need of being present in the office premises.

The information, later on, is passed to the supervisors and managers who after reviewing and verifying the information can easily edit or approve it in real time, without having the need of employee’s presence or manual reporting. Similarly, using the GPS technology, the actual and accurate location of the employee is easily recorded throughout the login duration, allowing employers to keep better track of workforce, regardless of their location.

Some other benefits of incorporating such software include:

  • Reduction of time and attendance glitches which is a common issue for mobile workforce and causes costly overpayments.
  • Allowing mobile workforce to fully comply with work rules and to remain notified about anomalies.
  • Get benefits of incorporating mobile workforce and efficiently manage their flexible work practices
  • Using employers’ app, the managers can easily log in or out workforce at any time.
  • The information and software is easily accessible using mobile phone and from any location.

Conclusively, integrating an advanced software tool is one of the top practices of many fortune 500 companies to make life easier for their mobile workforce. The instant and easy technical support and installation is another reason that makes such software tools a highly convenient option to opt for.

So, provide your mobile workforce an easy work solution and join the many businesses which are poised to be the pillars of the future business world.

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