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How to Get the Most Out of Labor Costing Software

Published: August 7, 2017

Labor costing software is an excellent budgeting, and managing tool for the cost of labor. Many employers think that they keep good track of labor costs which is, unfortunately, nothing more than their assumption.

Good labor costing software gives you the ease of utilizing your resources in the best interest of your business. It gives the management a chance to keep a track of various jobs or tasks perform by the employee, department or unit throughout the day or week.

The use of labor costing software is increasing in trend. Many organizations are using these types of software to achieve the many benefits offered by them in terms of forecasting, appropriate wage decisions, or even for gaining actionable insight.

These insights may be in the form of effective forecasting of the employee/department and last minute juggling of various jobs assigned to the employee/departments including the overtime expense.

Labor costing software comes with ad-hoc analysis tools to empower employers to avoid labor cost problems and to take proactive measures. Such software saves time by providing real-time alerts and previews that flag every exception as soon as you enter the information. And for that, the best approach is to use the time and attendance software.

Time and Attendance Software and Labor Costing
The time and attendance software is being widely used by many organizations to track the employee/departments and to make estimates of labor cost. This software helps in taking the burden off your shoulders by providing you the maximum visibility of resources and their efficiency. The software helps in monitoring the employee attendance and time, labor tracking and collection of data as the global time sheet solution.

To assist you further let us have a look at some more benefits of using this software as your labor costing solution.

Setting Up Pay Rate per Job
The software will assist you in easily assigning the pay rate to an employee according to their job or project. You may assign the rates either by job or some specific rates. Meanwhile you can also use the provided dashboard to edit or to delete any of the assign tasks or manage them more accurately.

Manage Employee Time
With the use of a time and attendance software you may easily track, collect or manage the employee time throughout the day. It will also help the employees in clocking in/out as they perform various tasks or assign jobs during a day or week.

Analytic Features to Improve Utilization
The key to labor costing and tracking employee accurately lies in the record of real time analysis of various job switched by the employees. This is what makes this software highly valuable for labor costing nowadays. With this software, you may easily get the required reports and analysis and schedule and adjust the employee tasks accordingly and to maximize the productivity.

These types of software are designed to provide accurate visibility in terms of payroll costs, budgeted revenue, or even gross margin results of each scenario. You may use labor costing software to create the right balance of overtime, payroll costs and shift coverage in order to achieve lowest cost results, be it overall, or drilled down by location, department, and shift timings or durations.

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